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To do this, it’s Name is set initially to the file path, then later, when the batch is added, it’s Path is set, triggering the asynchronous loading of the image. Changing the directory at any point must cancel all the thumbnails (from loading their images) and remove them from the container, into an object pool for reuse (unless a max allowed count is reached, in which case they are disposed). It is abstract on C sharp . C# 6 FOR PROGRAMMERS SIXTH EDITION DEITEL ® DEVELOPER SERIES. not yet, 2020 I create a LINQ-to-SQL model for Northwind, and some classes around the model. To test properly I need to restore the db from a known-good state before each test, or else use a transaction-based approach that always rolls back the db after each test. Either way, the tests get pretty long-running pretty quickly. Also, I may need to test against large datasets to be sure my app works with 1000s

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