'Amazing bloke': Teen dies in Casino car crash Tweed ...

Over 42 years ago the "Magnetic Drill Gang" robbed the Murwillumbah (Australia) Bank of NSW getting away with $2 million in cash. No one has ever been charged, no money recovered.

I had a friend who came from this town who told me all about it. It was widely considered to be an "inside job". Interesting that everyone involved has kept their lips sealed for all these years.
Forty years ago, a group of men known as the 'magnetic drill gang' broke into the Bank of NSW in the quiet town of Murwillumbah in the wee hours and stole almost $2 million.
To this day, no-one knows what happened to the cash — worth around $8.5 million in today's money.
The bank is now Westpac.
A country bank in Murwillumbah The bank is now the Westpac bank in Murwillumbah.(ABC North Coast: Donna Harper) The money — $1.7 million — and the gang, whose signature was to use an electromagnetic diamond-tipped drill, were never seen again.
The thieves broke through the bank's back door and used clever techniques to crack the safe open and lock it again, once they had stolen all the cash.
The following morning, a security guard found the back door ajar, and the vault locked from the inside. A locksmith tried to break the safe open, but failed.
Former Tweed mayor, Max Boyd, who was a councillor at the time of the infamous robbery, said a council work crew, who were repairing roads nearby, were called in to help.
"The robbers had spiked the vault door so the bank staff couldn't get inside to see how much money had been stolen, so a council work crew were called in and they had to smash a hole through the bank's thick brick wall to get access inside the vault," Mr Boyd said.
A bank official finally managed to get into the safe and told police "they got the lot".
This slogan was to become famous and was printed on T-shirts and beer glasses that were sold around Australia and the world.
Mr Boyd said many in the community thought it was an inside job.
"The crooks knew that the Murwillumbah branch of the Bank of New South Wales kept cash supplies from other banks in the area, so someone must have told them this as why would they target a country branch?" he said.
He said there were also suggestions that a new police officer in town or one of the security guards could have been involved.
A display of T-shirts and a beer glass with the slogan "They Got the Lot" and a cartoon picture of a criminal running away 'They got the lot' became a slogan for T-shirts and beer glasses, after the daring heist.(Supplied: Tweed Regional Museum) Mr Boyd said he and his brother, Jack Boyd, who was the state member for Byron at the time of the robbery, had concerns about gangsters leaving the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne to move into the Tweed Shire to start up criminal syndicates.
The Boyd brothers successfully stopped former premier Neville Wran's plans to build a casino in south Tweed Heads in the late 1970s.
"Jack was strongly opposed to the casino because he didn't want to see the underworld getting established up in this part of the world and he fought strongly against it during his time in State Parliament and I did too as a Tweed councillor," Mr Boyd said.
Mr Boyd said the famous robbery was part of the Tweed's colourful history, and he wondered if the case would ever be solved.
Police said the case was still open, and they welcomed any new information.
"Even though today marks 40 years since this robbery occurred, the NSW Police remain dedicated to arresting those responsible," NSW Police said in a statement.
"Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000."
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At least 77 million millionaires thanks to cannabis

Recreational cannabis is not legal yet, but many Canadians are taking advantage of it to make a fortune. At least 77 of them have accumulated millions of dollars in just a few months thanks to their investments in the industry, according to data compiled by our Investigation Bureau.
"I knew the pot was a good investment, but no one in the community thought it would pay so much," says Chuck Rifici, head of the Cannabis Wheaton investment fund and former chief financial officer of the Liberal Party of Canada. (PLC).
At 43, the one who is described as the "pot godfather" in Canada sits on a personal fortune that he himself estimates to "more than 100 million", including $ 47.7 million in potato producer shares , according to public financial documents.
He owns a Ferrari 458 red and a Tesla S.
It all started with a first investment of $ 70 in shares in his company Tweed, a pot producer (now Canopy Growth). "I thought I was rich when I made my first $ 500,000," jokes the Ottawa businessman.
Mr. Rifici said today that he continues to work only "for pleasure". "It's a lot less stressful."
Big risks
On the other side of the Ottawa River in Gatineau, Sébastien St-Louis, 34, has a fortune of $ 15.4 million. His company founded in 2013, Hydropothecary, is valued at $ 660 million on the stock market.
The path to get there was not easy. "I almost went broke at least four times. My credit card was used up to $ 30,000.
Stories like that of Rifici and Saint-Louis, who have become millionaires before even a single gram of recreational pot is sold legally, are in the dozens of industries.
Establishing the list of Millionaire Canadians in the pot helps to make the following observations:
The vast majority, 58% (45 out of 77), are from Ontario. Only 4 come from Quebec (5%). Out of 77 millionaires, there are only three women. Wealth is extremely concentrated Speculative bubble ?
The stock market value of pot companies exploded last year as a result of Trudeau government announcements on the upcoming legalization in 2018.
New Brunswicker Denis Arsenault bought a medical cannabis producer in 2014 for $ 1.7 million. Its acquisition, the company Organigram, is worth half a billion dollars today. "It was like going to the casino when I invested in it, at first," he laughs.
Although Canadians are still divided over the legalization of cannabis and the banks are very reluctant to invest in this industry, investors are now jostling to the gates to the point where there is fear of a speculative bubble.
According to several experts, the current frenzy is similar to the tech bubble in the late 1990s, because they are extremely volatile.
"There are companies that are not in cannabis, just saying that they are interested in the industry and boom, their shares are tripling," says portfolio management analyst Ken Lester, president of Lester Asset Management.
They roll on gold thanks to their investments in the pot
PHOTO ANNABELLE BLAIS Chuck Rifici has inherited the nickname "godfather" of the pot industry. And for good reason, this 43-year-old Franco-Ontarian estimates his fortune to more than $ 100 million (including at least $ 47.7 million in shares of pot producers, according to public financial documents).
He has two characteristics common to many millionaires in this industry: he is an entrepreneur and he has political connections, particularly with the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC).
In 2013, Mr. Rifici co-founded Tweed, now Canopy Growth, Canada's largest pot company.
Since 2017, he has been CEO of Cannabis Wheaton, an investment firm in pot companies, including producers or manufacturers of accessories. Wheaton has about fifteen partnerships, a huge spider web.
Two ex of the PLC
In parallel, the businessman was also CFO of the PLC from 2011 to 2016.
"Being treasurer of the PLC, it gives credibility when you meet investors for pot," he says. Wheaton's vice president of external affairs, Sarah Bain, was also vice president of communications for the LPC from 2010 to 2013.
Mr. Rifici even believes that the controversy provoked by this situation has helped him to talk about his businesses. "All press is good press," he says.
But this has exacerbated tensions between him and his partner Bruce Linton and Rifici left Tweed in 2014 (see other text).
He is now investing mainly in accessories such as vape. "I believe the future of this industry will be in these value-added products," he says. It's important to have a distribution and production network, but in a Starbuck coffee, it's not the coffee bean that pays the most, "he says.
PIERRE-PAUL POULIN PICTURES Wearing a three-piece suit and cell phone in hand, Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth, is the image of the successful businessman.
"Because I sell cannabis, people always expect to see a guy in a faded T-shirt," he jokes.
Mr. Linton now heads one of the largest cannabis producers in Canada. He first founded Tweed in 2013 (then joined Canopy Growth) with Chuck Rifici, former CFO of the Liberal Party of Canada.
When asked why there are so many Liberals in the industry, he replies, "I do not know why there are a lot of Liberals in the industry. I'm not. You know what I am? I am a socialist who likes to ride in Jaguar. "
And he has the means to pay for luxury cars. On paper, Mr. Linton's fortune is valued at more than $ 67 million.
Potty drink
In five years, Canopy Growth has acquired 13 cannabis production sites in eight Canadian provinces, including two in Quebec. The company has also developed partnerships to export or cultivate with Australia, Brazil, Germany, Jamaica, Denmark and Chile.
Bruce Linton does not want to stop there. He has a clear vision for the future: to sell a cannabis drink. Canopy has signed an agreement this fall with Constellation, which sells Corona beers.
Linton is already following in the footsteps of Seagram distiller Bronfman family, who made a fortune with alcohol at the end of the prohibition.
"I want to provide a bottle-like format with 12-13% that produces effects after 7 minutes," he says. This is the socially accepted way to be impaired. "
MARTIN ALARIE PHOTO Quebecker Philippe Depault is not yet a millionaire of the pot, but he is about to succeed.
The 26-year-old entrepreneur (left) and his partner Alexandre Lalancette, 23 years old (right) have just sold their cannabis accessories business, Maïtri, for $ 550,000 in addition to an amount of up to 1.2 M $ to be paid to the performance.
Pretty surprising when we know that Maïtri made his first sale in July 2017 only.
Mr. Depault was a cyclist with the Canadian team dreaming of the Olympics until fibromyalgia changed his life in 2013.
No medicine was able to relieve him, except cannabis. He then gave himself the mission to fight against the stigmatization of consumers.
Soon more Quebeckers?
The chemical engineering student started by blogging in the summer of 2016. Then in March 2017, he joined Mr. Lalancette to create neatly designed cannabis accessories with Quebec materials.
"Cannabis is still associated with stoners ," he says. But around me, almost everyone uses cannabis, either once a day or once a year. They are engineers, doctors, lawyers. It was to this clientele that he wanted to address himself. An investor has injected from $ 30,000 to $ 100,000, says Mr. Depault. And in July, the company was about to open a round of financing when Hiku, which owns the DOJA pot producer, made an offer to buy. The agreement was concluded in February.
Mr. Depault hopes to see more Quebeckers in the industry. "We start to feel the wave. "
PHOTO ANNABELLE BLAIS When Sébastien St-Louis was younger, his idol was not a hockey player, but Alain Bouchard, the founder of Couche-Tard.
"It's the biggest company in terms of sales in Canada and it [Mr. Bouchard] started with only one store in Quebec. I recognize myself a lot in this story, "he says.
The 34-year-old is describing himself as an entrepreneur who seized the business opportunity of medical cannabis in 2013.
His firm, Hydropothecary, based in Gatineau, is the first licensed pot producer in Quebec. Recently, the company won an agreement to supply 22,000 kg to the Quebec Cannabis Company, the SAQ subsidiary that will market the substance.
With a market capitalization of $ 660,000 million for Hydropothecary, Sébastien St-Louis is sitting on a fortune of more than $ 15.4 million.
But this son of teacher parents has not changed his lifestyle so much, except that he travels more.
"I drove in Grand Am for 12 years. I changed to a 2012 Acura, he says. A Ferrari is not my style. "
Thanks to the family
It must be said that the path of the producer was fraught with difficulties and that the bankruptcy was avoided more than once.
At 16, he already had his own 3D simulation company and he was investing in real estate. With a master's degree in finance from the Université du Québec à Montréal, he later worked at the Business Development Bank of Canada.
In June 2013, at age 29, his friend Maxime Cyr, who worked for Health Canada, told him that the federal government would allow private producers to sell medical cannabis. Sébastien St-Louis had never seen a pot plant before, but he smelled the potential.
He embarked on the project his brother-in-law Adam Miron, a political enthusiast who became involved with the Liberal Party of Canada until 2009.
Unable to get finance from the banks, the two men appealed to friends and family for a first round of private funding in 2013. "With $ 10,000, we could put $ 1.5 million," he said. His parents even mortgaged their home to invest $ 100,000.
"If it did not work, I went bankrupt and lost my house, but there was no longer a couch of friends I could have slept on because I would have lost money to all those I knew, "he says.
Light appeared at the end of the tunnel when Health Canada authorized the company to sell medical pot in 2015.
Big names on the board
In 2016, he approached large families in Quebec looking for partners. Vincent Chiara, a Montreal businessman close to the Saputo family, has agreed to invest several millions in the adventure. He currently sits on the Board and his fortune in the company is valued at $ 25.5 million.
Sébastien St-Louis is also very proud to say that Nathalie Bourque, who serves on Couche-Tard's Board of Directors, has joined Hydropothecary's board since the fall. The convenience store chain has already announced that it wants to sell marijuana.
The boss of Hydropothecary believes that in the near future, there will remain only two or three companies that will be multinational cannabis. "I intend to be a leader from our platform in Quebec," he says.
PHOTO COURTESY DAVID BASTEDO Music and cannabis have always been closely linked. Newstrike understands it. For almost a year now, the company that markets Up Cannabis, a pot producer in Ontario, has developed a partnership with The Tragically Hip.
The Canadian rock band is a shareholder in the company and is involved in important marketing decisions.
Their managers, Bernie Breen and Patrick Sambrook, also sit on the company's advisory board. Up Cannabis can, for example, use the band's songs to promote its products or to name its pot varieties.
It is worth $ 20.9 million
"We've approached them because they can help us create a brand and they represent Canada," says Jay Wilgar, CEO of Newstrike.
The latter made a fortune with a wind energy start-up he founded in the early 2000s and sold it to the French multinational GDF Suez in 2010.
In 2013, he launched into cannabis by investing 1.5 million with a partner. Mr. Wilgar is worth about $ 20.9 million today. The Hips' fortune in the business is at least $ 2.2 million
"We did not expect such a large and fast growth in the last year, it's amazing," he says.
The strategy of Up Cannabis is to address Mr. Mrs. Everybody, like the Hips. The company will focus on the recreational and has no medical patient.
PHOTO COURTESY APHRIA For John Cervini, growing cannabis was a natural extension of his vegetable growing career in Ontario.
"I am the fourth generation of farmers. For 23 years, I ran the family business with my brother, "he says. The company was growing well, but John preferred to leave because the two brothers had different visions.
His friend Cole Cacciavillani, an industrial engineer in agriculture, told him about cannabis in August 2013. The company, Aphria, is one of six producers who signed an agreement to supply Quebec with cannabis through the subsidiary of the SAQ.
"As a farmer, we knew we had a good base for marijuana," says Cervini. It is our specialty to grow plants, we have experience in logistics and large-scale supply, "he says.
He seems to have won his bet. The best-performing stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2017 was Aphria, which rose 271%. The fortune of the two founders today stands at more than $ 200 million.
Thanks to Google translation http://www.journaldequebec.com/2018/03/03/au-moins-77-canadiens-millionnaires-grace-au-cannabis
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**THE** List of things to do on the Gold Coast.

Hello Everyone,
I frequently see questions about what to do around the coast, in here I will attempt to keep a running list of ideas. Some things are in multiple areas e.g. Fresh food markets/live music so I haven't listed every individual item, if you see something that that interests you try googling to see if there's one in your area!
Starting from North GC then moving south you have:
Mt. Tamborine:
Inland from Robina/Nerang area:
Surfers Paradise:
Further South:
(Note: This is techincally venturing away from "The GC", but if your near currumbin then these might also be within range)
Special thanks to Veritasfides, Katastrophe87, Nebo64, Sipc, shadesofgray029, and verifiedpain for their suggestions!
Updated 05-10-2019
To do: (Ignore this, or don't. Meh)
-Bounce inc moved, airfactory gone
-elvis museum
-alpaca farm
-herb cottage
-gold coast clay target club
-Order it so it's actually geographically correct north to south. Duh.
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Are toilet attendants even a thing anymore? I've never seen one.

So last weekend I was out to dinner and drinks to celebrate my friend getting his dream job. We went to a restaurant in an entertainment complex, it has a casino, restaurants, bars and a theatre. I drove with a friend and when we got there we both needed to use the restrooms before going to dinner. Girls always go to the toilet in pairs of course.
The restrooms we went to were just outside the theatre entrance, there was a show later that evening so there were a few people waiting ahead of us for a toilet. My friend went ahead of me, and I was the last person waiting when an older woman walked in. She was dressed extravagantly in a delightful sunny yellow tweed dress & jacket, strings of pearls, gemstone brooches, gravity defying beehive kind of hair do... Not sure if she was going to the theatre or dinner at the captain's table on the Titanic?
At the time I was dressed up in typical Saturday night attire, in a black cocktail dress, heels, with full hair and makeup and a sparkly clutch tucked under my arm. So I'm standing there waiting to pee when the older woman glides past me towards the stalls. She sees they are all full and stops, turns on her heels and addresses me:
Lady: They're occupied? Me: Yep. She cocks her head to the side and throws me the same look as Taylor Swift at the start of the Shake It Off video. You know the face, that Mmm-hmm face. Lady: Yes? I realise then that she was being a condescending bitch and correcting my grammar. Me: Uhhh, yes? Lady: Mmm.
Yeah lol ok. I kind of stand there dumbfounded and I'm sure I actually smirked to myself a bit. Random stranger throwing shade at me? This will be a fun take to tell at dinner! The woman steps back towards the sinks where I am standing and looks like she is about to set her handbag down on the counter. She sees that it is wet and stops and turns to me again.
Lady: These counter tops are wet. Me: Yes they are. Lady: I could have ruined my handbag if I had not noticed that puddle there! Me: Is it real leather? You know you can protect it against water and stains using leather protector spray that they sell at shoe stores? ... I used to work in a shoe store. I spray all my leather shoes and bags so I guess that's why it came to mind? I tried to match her condescending tone when I said it, she definitely noticed.
Lady: Excuse me? Me: Yesss? Lady: I do not appreciate your unsolicited advice, you need to stop talking and clean this up! Does your generation not understand how to respect others?
At this point most people would have put two and two together and realised she thought I was a toilet attendant, but I'd had a few cheeky wines before we left the house and I've never seen a toilet attendant outside of the movies, so that hadn't occured to me yet. So I just stood there with a bemused look on my face, trying to come up with a sassy response. She raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders at me, as if to say "well?". I had nothing, I was too amused. I just let out a little giggle.
Lady: Good lord what is the matter with you?! She stomps towards me and reaches for the paper towel dispenser on the wall behind me, dramatically pulls a sheet out, and stomps back to the counter to wipe it down. Lady (ranting to herself): Useless, absolutely useless. Ridiculous! Teenagers are getting lazier and lazier! (lol, I'm 26) This is [theatre] for heavens sake! What is your name? Me: Uhh... Why? Lady: Because I am reporting you to your management!
Ooohhhhhh I get it now! It was so funny and so absurd to me that I did this weird laugh / scoff thing and nearly choked on my words. At this point my friend is finally done and is walking towards us from her stall.
Me: Oh my god do you think I work in here, in the toilet? I'm just waiting to pee! Lady: ... Me: Do toilet attendants even exist anymore? Me (to me friend): Are they even still a thing? Friend just shrugged. The woman had nothing to say back to me. She opened her mouth to say something but instead did this big dramatic sigh and stomped past me to the now vacant toilet stall. Bitch stole my place in line! I couldn't help myself and I called out after her: "Is your generation not familiar with waiting in queues?" Nailed it.
I decided then to be the bigger person and not wait around for round 2. We headed off to the restaurant where I finally peed in the toilet there.
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Does my first chapter hook you? (Teen romance/pregnancy)

Hi there! I would love to know your demographic and whether or not this first chapter hooks you. For now, ignore realism. What's your initial reaction?
Chapter 1
Kristina was sitting in bed watching Planet Earth and eating takeout Chinese food when the first pains started.
It was a warm evening - the day before the autumn equinox - and her windows were open, the gauzy curtains billowing in a lethargic breeze.
She held her globe of a stomach and exhaled deeply, shuffling her butt to the edge of the bed. She grimaced as she stood, waddling to the phone on her desk. The box of chow mein had collapsed on its side, releasing a snaky tangle of noodles onto her quilted white bedspread.
There was a one-in-five chance that Ben would pick up his home phone. His oldest brother, Leo, was away at college, so that left Ben, his parents, and his two other brothers. Please let it be Ben, she whispered to herself, rolling her fingertips on the desk anxiously. She didn’t want to have to make small talk with his parents while trying not to hyperventilate.
“Hey, babe.”
“It’s happening. Shit.” She tried to focus on her breathing to avoid feeling panicky.
“The baby?”
“No, my favorite re-run of ‘I Love Lucy,’” she said sarcastically. “Yes, the baby.”
“Oh, shoot. Umm…how are you? Do you want me to meet you at the hospital?” The plan had never been thoroughly discussed.
“No, get Joey to drive and come pick me up.”
Kristina shoved some clothes and toiletries in a bag, making sure to grab a small silver coin her Aunt Mabel had given her when she’d found out she was pregnant. She’d pulled Kristina aside and lowered her voice, explaining that it was an angel coin, a charm of sorts. Kristina didn’t typically pay attention to such ethereal tokens, but any supportive trinket was welcome in her hospital bag.
She tore out a page of Seventeen magazine, an article comparing bangs and hat brims across face shapes. On it she scribbled a note in sharpie: Baby’s coming. Going to Alta Bates Hospital.
She closed her bedroom door as quietly as possible, paying no mind to the fallen chow mein on her bed. It was just after 9:30, and her parents were in bed already. She heard a faint trickle of NPR audio emanating from their room down the hall, a white noise layer that would facilitate her furtive escape. Thank god for NPR, she thought. She headed downstairs and placed the note on the dining table.
Hovering by the front door, she waited to see a familiar pair of headlights pull up to the curb at the base of the front lawn.
Ben jumped out of the front seat and helped Kristina in, joining her in the back.
“All right, let’s go finally get this thing out of you!” Ben’s brother Joey said, starting down the street. “I should have brought a pair of pliers or something.”
Kristina winced. “I’m sure the baby would really appreciate being grabbed by the head with a pair of pliers,” she managed to reply.
“Maybe some barbecue tongs with oven mitts on the end for padding.” Joey pinched his fingers in a crab-claw motion.
“Or a vacuum with suction cups,” Ben added.
Kristina laughed. “There you go.”
“Okay, hospital soundtrack, let’s goo!” Joey said, inserting a CD. “Hot Rod Lincoln” by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen came on. “Yee haw!” Joey said in a country accent, slapping his leg on the syncopated beat like you would do at a country dance.
Kristina and Ben both started laughing. Kristina had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. “Stop it, you’re going to make me pee, or who knows what at this point.” She breathed in and out with another contraction. Ben massaged her shoulders.
“Is there someone I should call? Your mom or dad, maybe?” a nurse asked when they got to the hospital.
“No, they’re out of town,” Kristina lied. The nurse eyed Ben, a lanky 14-year-old wearing an Ibsen tee and rust-colored shorts, a bit of golden stubble lining his face. Then Joey, a buff 21-year-old with a full beard, who was gazing down the hallway, tapping his fingers on his leg to an imaginary beat.
“Is one of you the father?” she asked as Kristina sat in the wheelchair.
“Don’t look at me,” Joey said, holding up his hands in a surrendering motion. “That would be illegal.” He chuckled, and the nurse wasn’t amused.
“I am,” Ben clarified, raising his hand.
“Well, congratulations,” the nurse said drily. “If you haven’t finished the last chapter of ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ now would be the time to do so.” She looked back at him as she started to wheel Kristina down the hall. “You coming, or not?”
By the time she got settled in the hospital bed, it was 11pm. Dr. Leibniz measured her dilation.
“So, you’re about three centimeters dilated, which is still part of the early stages of active labor. The actual delivery could still be many hours from now. Will you be comfortable hanging out here?” she explained.
Kristina sighed. “Comfortable is a relative term, but yeah, I’m good.”
Dr. Leibniz squeezed Kristina’s arm reassuringly. “I’ll be back to check on you in a bit.”
“Aww, babe. Were you jealous of my hospital socks?” Kristina said, waving her foot in the air as Ben re-entered the room with a pair of socks the hospital provided.
“I just didn’t want to get mine dirty,” Ben said, gently slapping her knee with the package of socks.
“Uh huh. Just admit it, you wanted your feet to look as cool as mine.” Kristina laughed as she shoved her foot in his face.
“You’re right, I think tan with stripes is the hot thing this fall. I want to be on trend.”
“Dude, are they, like, for sale somewhere here?” Joey said.
“Think fast!” Ben spun in a circle and flung another pair he’d hidden in his pocket at Joey. “I knew you’d want some.”
“I feel like Spiderman in these, you know?” Joey said as he put them on. “Like I could freakin’ scale these walls.” He ran his fingers over the white grippy material that made up the stripes. “Parkour!” he said dramatically as he popped out of the chair and ran toward the opposite side of the room, attempting a backflip as his feet made contact with the wall. “Woo!” he shouted as he landed the flip.
Kristina and Ben laughed. “You’re going to get us kicked out of here,” Ben said, leaning against the bed.
“Wall challenge,” Joey proposed, placing his hands on the floor and inching his feet up the wall into a slanted push-up position. “Come on, get down here.”
Ben obliged his brother’s request, inching into the same position. “Are you trying to kill me before I get the chance to meet my kid?”
“Two minutes, bro. Gotta make a good impression on this baby with a freshly toned sixpack.”
The pulse of the baby’s heartbeat on the monitor kept time as the night progressed. All Kristina wanted to do was sleep, but the contractions made it hard to rest.
“Unless you know of a dispensary around here, I’d love to take you up on some pain meds,” Kristina told Dr. Leibniz, as Ben adjusted a pillow behind her back.
“Well, there is a dispensary around the corner, but trust me, we have the best stuff right here.” Dr. Leibniz smiled.
“Berkeley doctors. Gotta love ‘em,” Joey commented, laughing as Dr. Leibniz played along with the joke.
“Are you still decided against the epidural?” Dr. Leibniz asked.
Kristina nodded. “If cavewomen could do it, so can I, right?”
“That’s one way to look at it.” The doctor shrugged. “But just so you know, it’s almost getting to the point of no return. It’s now or never for the epidural.
“I can do it,” Kristina assured the doctor, and herself.
“I feel like a giant blob of jello with an overactive nervous system,” Kristina said, holding Ben’s hand.
“If it helps, you don’t look like one...more like a slender camel.” Ben stroked her arm. Kristina managed to laugh a little.
“Did you seriously just call her a camel?” Joey said, laughing as he sat in the corner of the room.
Ben smiled. “I mean, the hump is there. It has a person in it instead of water.”
“Well, I’m in no shape to carry either of you across the Sahara.” Kristina puffed some hair out of her face. “I’m going to try to take a nap.” She lay back and adjusted her pillow. Ben leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, too.
At around 1:30am, Kate appeared in the doorway, wearing a tweed skirt and matching blazer, her blonde bob groomed to an impractical degree of perfection for the time of night. She startled everyone awake.
“Kristina, what on earth were you thinking? You don’t even tell your own mother you’re in labor?” Kate scoffed. She charged across the room, pulling the window curtain shut in one swift, dramatic gesture. “Just a haphazard note that I might not have found until later this morning.”
“That was kind of the point,” Kristina muttered, dropping her head back on the pillow.
“You’re thirteen, for god’s sake! I’m surprised they even let you in here.” Kate flailed her arms in frustration.
“It’s a hospital, not a casino,” Kristina said.
Kate sighed. “How far along are you?”
“It was 5 centimeters like 20 minutes ago. Is Dad here?”
“Speaking of which, it’s time for another measurement.” A nurse, Roberta, appeared in the room and started prying Kristina’s legs open.
“He’s in the waiting area down the hall with Hailey.” Kate scanned the room. “What are you doing here?” She eyed Joey, who was holding a hand to his face to avert his eyes from the nurse’s examination.
“I was asked to drive and I don’t ask questions.”
Kate ignored him and turned back to Ben. “Well, first things first, what is this baby going to go home in? A cardboard box from the hospital’s dumpster?”
Kristina rolled her eyes. “I was thinking a sheet from the morgue.”
“Joey and I will go get a car seat after it’s here,” Ben volunteered.
“‘It?’ The baby is an it? Young man, I hope you know what you’re getting into.”
“Mom, stop it,” Kristina protested. “Please don’t stress me out any more...the thought of pushing a human watermelon out my vagina pretty soon is doing enough of that.”
“Dude, I can go get a car seat,” Joey interjected.
“I do know what I’m getting into,” Ben insisted. “That’s why I’m here. I want to be here.” He held Kristina’s hand.
Kristina looked at him lovingly. “Love you,” she said quietly. Ben kissed her hand.
Kate pursed her lips as Dr. Leibniz walked in.
“Will you be joining us for the delivery?” she asked Kate. “She’s moving quickly. It won’t be long now.”
Kate looked at Kristina quizzically.
“You can stay,” Kristina said quietly. “As long as you agree to stop talking.”
“I’m out,” Joey said, excusing himself to the waiting room. “Good luck!”
“Fuck, it really fucking hurts!” Kristina squeezed Ben and Kate’s hands. Beads of sweat lined her forehead, causing her blonde hair to matte to her face. For a moment she questioned the legitimacy of this process. Does anyone actually survive childbirth?! she wondered. “Why didn’t someone tell me to get the damn epidural?”
“This baby is going to have quite the florid vocabulary,” Kate uttered.
“It’s just your body telling you to push, all right?” Roberta explained, her hand on Kristina’s knee.
“More like screaming at me violently!” Kristina quipped, panting.
“Almost there...another push for me, okay?” Dr. Leibniz said encouragingly.
Kristina wailed in pain as the baby’s head peeked through.
“Almost there,” Kate repeated, stroking Kristina’s arm.
“You got this,” Ben said, looping a strand of hair behind her ear affectionately.
“One more big push…count to ten for me!” Dr. Leibniz said.
Kristina groaned loudly as the doctor pulled the baby out of her.
“Beautiful job,” the doctor said, as the team quickly cleaned the newest human in the room. The room was quiet until the baby’s first cries filled the air.
“A girl,” Roberta handed her to Kristina, wrapped in a blanket, as if bestowing a crown upon a queen.
Kristina panted in exhaustion and excitement. Ben kissed her forehead as the baby continued to cry. “Alexandra,” Kristina said quietly, meeting Ben’s eyes in mutual acknowledgement of the agreed-upon name. She held her to her chest. “Look at her.”
“She’s perfect,” Ben said, gently stroking Alex’s head. Her few wisps of light blonde hair were the softest thing he’d ever touched.
The medical team swiftly recorded the baby’s vitals and coached Kristina through the afterbirth delivery, returning the baby to her chest to help with the process, which felt like almost nothing compared to the actual delivery a few minutes earlier.
“Look at those big blue eyes,” Kate said, as Alex looked up at her. Kate jumped up and poked her head into the hallway. “James! Come and see your grandchild!”
James and Kristina’s sister Hailey and came to the side of the bed, standing next to Kate. “An equinox baby,” James said, admiring his first grandchild as he held her in his arms. “Born amidst the change of seasons. Must be a good omen.”
Joey approached the room warily, his hands in his pockets. “Are uncles allowed in yet?”
Kristina smiled and nodded, and James passed Alex to Joey.
“This is so bad-ass,” Joey said. “New life goal is to be the coolest uncle ever.”
Everyone laughed, even Kate. Alex looked so tiny in his bulky arms, but he handled her like she was made of eggshells.
“Can I hold her?” 4-year-old Hailey peeped.
“Very carefully, honey.” Kate showed Hailey how to hold her.
Once everyone had gotten their fix of the new family member, they left the room, giving Kristina a chance to relax. At last she felt like she was able to fully experience the emotions that been welling up inside her since the moment Alex was placed in her arms.
“She’s only been here for twenty minutes and I already feel like I’ll never get enough of her,” Kristina told Ben.
Ben nodded, Alex’s tiny hand in his. “I think she’s taken over your title of coolest and most beautiful person I’ve ever met. You’re still a close second, though.”
“I don’t blame you. How could I compete with that face?” Kristina smiled. They sat in silence for a few moments, gazing at Alex adoringly.
“A year ago we were scaring each other at a hay ride,” Kristina said softly, turning to look at Ben.
He chuckled. “I’m sure this whole being-a-parent thing is scarier than any zombie with a chainsaw.”
Kristina smiled. After a while, Ben went to get her a smoothie at the Jamba Juice down the street. She was unable to take her eyes off of Alex, loving the way she curled her tiny hand around her finger. “You were totally worth it,” she whispered.
She ran her fingers over Alex’s cheek, wanting to remember the softness of her newborn skin forever.

submitted by gretanearly to YAwriters [link] [comments]

134 Guitars Stolen! Keep an eye out. Full list, including serial numbers.

The following 134 guitars and amps have been stolen from Fretted Americana in California. If you have any information about the crime, or if someone tries to sell you one of these instruments, please call (818) 222-4113:
Rating Year Make Model serial# Color
9.00 1974 Alembic Series 1 Stereo Bass Waylon Jennings - Jerry 74/73 Natural
9.50 2000 Andreas Fierce Shark 2000 1053 Burned Western Larch
9.50 1999 Breedlove Master Class Grand Concert C25 5975 King Koa
9.50 2001 Carvin Swallowtail AC375 by T. Breeze VerDant 65466 Hawaiian Curly Koa/Mahogany
8.50 2006 Clive Brown '54 Blackguard Telecaster 0472 Butterscotch Blond
9.50 1964 Danelectro Short Horn Standard Model 3022 Bronze over white vinyl
9.25 1966 Danelectro Convertible Model 5005 2126 Woodgrain over white vinyl
9.25 1963 Epiphone Broadway E252N 120765 Natural
9.25 1958 Epiphone Broadway E252 A 1497 Sunburst
8.25 1961 Epiphone Casino E230-T Oliveburst
9.25 1966 Epiphone Casino E230-TD 380003 Sparkling Burgundy Metallic
9.25 1959 Epiphone Century E422T A-2576 Sunburst
9.25 1966 Epiphone Coronet "Dwight" SB-533 Silver Fox 570326 Silver Fox (translucent green with
8.75 1961 Epiphone B4B Newport Bass 36335 Cherry
9.00 1965 Epiphone Olympic SB 722D 254592 Sunburst
2009 Fender Bassman 250 Type PR597 09004865
9.00 1969 Fender Champ A 17091 Black with silver face
9.00 1966 Fender Coronado ll 249762 Antigua
9.25 1967 Fender Coronado ll 199474 Cherry Red
9.25 1967 Fender Coronado ll 502538 Cherry Sunburst
9.25 1967 Fender Coronado ll 503025 Lake Placid Blue
8.75 1954 Fender Deluxe (Wide-Panel) Amp Model 5B3 6685 Tweed
9.50 1995 Fender Esquire "Snakehead" Prototype Prototype #1 White
9.50 1968 Fender Jaguar 229804 Candy Apple Red
9.25 1991 Fender '62 Re-Issue Stack-Knob, Slab-Board Jazz Bass V 057239 Olympic White
9.00 1962 Fender Electric Mandolin 01534 Sunburst Three-tone
9.00 1966 Fender Mustang 124581 Daphne Blue
9.25 1972 Fender Mustang 413063 Three-Tone Sunburst
9.00 1971 Fender Competition Mustang 305537 Competition Red with cream
9.25 1966 Fender Mustang 186854 Dakota Red
9.25 1966 Fender Mustang 186031 Dakota Red
9.50 2002 Fender Precision Bass 1968 Reissue (MIJ) P 098184 Blue Floral
9.50 1995 Fender Precision Bass (Fender Custom Shop for Dick CN401515 Chartreuse Sparkle
9.25 1978 Fender Precision Bass S 867926 Antigua
9.50 2005 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 1956 Relic R15743 See-Through Blond
9.50 2000 Fender Stratocaster (Hardtail) Fred Stuart 0777 Sunburst Two-tone
9.50 2002 Fender Squier, 20th Anniversary Stratocaster CY02027410 Olympic White
9.50 1992 Fender "Pearl Jam" Custom Shop Stratocaster V059055 Burgundy Mist
9.25 1972 Fender Stratocaster 354653 Olympic White
9.25 1973 Fender Stratocaster (Hardtail) 524290 Natural
9.50 1979 Fender Stratocaster S 937364 Antigua
9.00 1971 Fender Telecaster 300280 Blond
9.50 1999 Fender Telecaster (Nashville B Bender) N9413028 Candy Apple Red
9.00 1978 Fender Telecaster Deluxe S 807814 Antigua
9.00 1978 Fender Telecaster Custom S 816948 Antigua
9.25 1978 Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier A 970731 Silver face
9.00 1972 Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier A 431287 Silver face
9.50 1986 Fender (Japan) Telecaster Custom '62 A024818 Sunburst Three-tone
9.00 1934 Gibson L-Century (Century of Progress) 897 Sunburst
9.25 1940 Gibson Kalamazoo KGN-12 Flat Top - 14 fret neck 5132G 37 Natural with faux tortoise-shell
9.25 1940 Gibson Kalamazoo KGN-12 Flat Top - 14 fret neck 3220G 18 Natural with faux tortoise-shell
9.50 1982 Gibson Map Guitar 83582001 Natural Mahogany
8.75 1939 Gibson ES-150 CC (first variant) FGE 2208 Chocolate brown with golden
9.25 1962 Gibson ES-120T 50525 Teaburst
8.75 1956 Gibson ES-175N A 22487 Natural
9.25 1968 Gibson Firebird I "Non-Reverse" 947896 Sunburst
8.75 1935 Gibson L-10 Sunburst
9.00 1957 Gibson L-48 U 2745 33 Tobacco Sunburst
8.75 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4 0 3492 Cherry
9.00 1963 Gibson Melody Maker 133536 Sunburst
9.00 1966 Gibson Melody Maker 900231 Pelham Blue with Mahogany Neck
9.00 1960 Gibson Melody Maker 0 7111 Sunburst
9.00 1967 Gibson Melody Maker D 320678 Sparkling Burgundy with Mahogany
9.00 1966 Gibson Melody Maker D 800362 Pelham Blue with Mahogany Neck
9.00 1952 Gibson Super 300 A 10160 Cremona brown
9.25 1964 Gretsch 6125 Anniversary Model 74580 Two-Tone Jaguar Tan and Ivory
9.25 1959 Gretsch 6125 Anniversary Model 31392 Two-Tone Smoke Green
9.25 1962 Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary Model 50565 Sunburst
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6134 Black Penguin Solid Body (Japan) JT05129199 Black
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6121 Nashville Solid Body (Japan) JD05 011332 Western Orange
9.50 2005 Gretsch G 6120 SSLVO with two original 1960 JT05074509 Western orange
9.25 1961 Gretsch 6132 Corvette Solid Body 44859 Cherry
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6128TCG Duo Jet Solid Body (Japan) JD05 031630 Cadillac Green
9.00 1957 Gretsch 6161 Electromatic Dual Twin Amplifier X 72478 Two-Tone Gray
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6136 Black Falcon (Japan) JT05118317 Black
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6136 White Falcon (Japan) JT05118300 White
9.00 1957 Gretsch 6131 Jet Firebird 21146 Red Top with Black Back and Sides
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6121W Roundup Solid Body (Japan) JT05 010570 Orange
9.50 2006 Gretsch G6121W Roundup Solid Body (Japan) Orange
8.75 1957 Gretsch 6189 Streamliner 23689 Copper Mist with Bamboo Yellow
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6134 White Penguin Solid Body (Japan) JT05106964 White
9.25 1954 Guild MasterAmp 60 2022
9.50 2010 Henman Mod MOD-002XG Xenia Black Stain (glossy finish)
9.25 1974 Hofner 500/1 "Violin" Bar-Blade Pickup Bass Sunburst
9.25 1954 Hofner Model 463 Acoustic Archtop 27.9.54 Tan spruce with mahogany back
9.25 1958 Hofner Model 457/S/E2 Electro-Acoustic 714 Tobacco sunburst
9.00 1959 Hofner Club 60 Brunette (Selmer) 670 Sunburst
8.75 1960 Hofner 456/S/b Acoustic (fitted with Schaller pickup) 2531 Natural
9.00 1969 Hofner 457/S n/a Sunburst
9.25 1983 Ibanez (Japan) AM-205 Stagemaster I 830130 Burl Mahogany
9.25 1978 Ibanez (Japan) Bob Weir Professional Model 2681NT D 787913 Natural
9.50 1997 Jackson Roswell Randy Rhoads Aircraft Aluminium Guitar RSW 106 Aluminium
9.50 2005 James Trussart Steelcaster - Holey Back - Rusty Steel 05 098 Rust
9.50 2006 James Trussart Steeltop Antique Silver Chinese Dragon 0317 Mahogany/Brushed Silver
9.50 2006 James Trussart Steeltop Antique Silver Chinese Dragon 06 215 Mahogany/Brushed Silver
9.50 2006 James Trussart Antique Silver Chinese Dragon 06 211 Mahogany
9.50 2010 James Trussart Holey-Steelcaster Rastafari Colors 'Ziggy Marley' 10 245 Three-Tone 'Ganja' (Yellow, Green &
9.50 2007 Lentz HSL Buddy Whittington Model Lentz/DB Fiesta Red
9.25 2002 Lentz "T" Style Signed '52 Blackguard "Lentz 7/29/02" Blond
9.25 1987 Marshall JCM 25/50 Silver Jubilee Model 2554 12" 02908 Silver Vinyl
9.25 1989 Marshall 4001 Studio 15, 15W 1 x 12" combo X10780 Black Tolex
9.50 2009 Martin D-28 Museum Edition 1941 Guitar & Case 1350038 Mahogany Mesa/Boogie Combo Mk 1
9.00 1973 Mosrite 350 Mono Bass AB 0072 Semi-transparent Wine Red
9.25 1967 Mosrite Melobar Nine String 055 Sunburst Three-tone
9.00 1966 Mosrite Joe Maphis Mark 1 D 381 Natural
9.50 1967 Mosrite Combo Mark 1 H 1147 Translucent red
9.00 1976 Mosrite Bi-Centennial Archtop (Stereo) Natural
9.50 1965 Mosrite The Ventures Mark 1 Double-Neck 6/12 String 2J 309 Sunburst Three-tone
9.25 1986 Mosrite Joe Maphis Double Six string+Octave Guitar PRO 001 Sunburst Two-tone
9.00 1965 Mosrite Joe Maphis Model Double-Neck 6/12 String 2J 359 Natural
9.25 1987 Mosrite The Ventures Model (Hard-Tail) 1X Storm Gray
9.25 1970 Mosrite The Ventures ll Red
9.50 1983 Mosrite The Ventures (Triple-Bound Body Re-Issue) 64010 Sunburst Three-tone
9.50 1961 National Glenwood 95 'Map' T 68492 Vermillion Red
9.25 1975 Ovation Deacon 12-String 1253 E 10290 Mahogany burst
9.50 1997 Paul Reed Smith Artist Series lll (Amber Flame Top) 7 33461 #295 Violin Amber
9.50 1999 Paul Reed Smith McCarty HollowBody Turquoise Maple 10 Top 9 42311 Turquoise with Translucent Sides
9.25 1987 Paul Reed Smith PRS Standard 7 2412 Dark Blue Metallic
9.00 1957 Rickenbacker Model 1000 C150-18 (3/4 size) V 7107 Jet Black
9.00 1966 Rickenbacker 330/12 (two pickups, no vibrato) FL 4231 Mapleglo (Natural)
9.00 1954 Silvertone 1359 Standard "Peanut" Style Body / Coke XXXX Tan and Ginger Simulated Leather
10.00 Tone Americana EVIL*ROBOT 18/30 Watt Head CLASSIC Vintage brown
10.00 Tone Americana EVIL ROBOT Extension 2 x 12 Cabinet CLASSIC Vintage Brown
10.00 Tone Americana EVIL*ROBOT 2/5/18/30 watt Combo CLASSIC Vintage brown
10.00 Tone Americana EVIL*ROBOT 2/5/18/30 watt Combo CLASSIC Vintage brown 1995 Trace Elliot V-Type V8 400 Head + 2 x 15 500W Bass
9.00 1964 Vox Kent 543877 Red
9.00 1966 Vox Phantom Xll Stereo 300380 Black
9.00 1965 Vox Mark Vl 'Teardrop' (V222) no serial # England White
9.25 1966 Vox Bulldog 267110 Sunburst Three-tone
9.50 2013 Yamaha (Japan) Phil X SG1801PX H1Y506E Piano White
submitted by larkstreet to Guitar [link] [comments]

And now for the one that's going to get me in trouble with the 007 purists. A deeper look at the World is Not Enough (1999)

Hey folks! I'm planning on watching all 23 of the James Bond films between now and the release of Spectre in November. 007 films have always been my guilty pleasure and I thought it might be worth trying to have a more analytical discussion about them. If you all are interested, I'll be posting one of these discussions/reviews every 1-2 weeks. So here goes!



Before I get into the meat of my review, I'd like to take a moment to deliver a little preface to this piece. While doing my research for the World is Not Enough, I was intrigued to see it rated as such a mediocre film on IMDb (6.4). Curious to get a second opinion, I checked Rotten Tomatoes. Similarly rated (51%). So I began a task that I'm rather excited about. When these reviews are all said and done, I will be posting a sort of debriefing post. In this post, I will be doing an analysis of the films and how they are ranked among different sources. I've found eleven current 007 film rankings including ones from Peter Travers, AMC, Moviefone, and many more. In all ten lists I found, WINE never ranked higher than 13.

I've always known that the general 007 community views this film to be in the average-to-lower tier. This was my first time watching WINE since I was young so I went in fully expecting to have a pretty lousy (albeit entertaining) film on my hands. On the contrary.

Before you scroll to the bottom to how I stacked it up amongst the other films, keep one thing in mind. I have strived to be fair to multiple facets of the filmmaking process when reviewing these films. Classics like Dr. No and From Russia With Love weren't spared from their technical deficiencies just because they were iconic or had a fun story. Although it's difficult to do so fairly, I also try to judge the films, not necessarily against themselves but against their contemporaries. So obviously the cinematography from GoldenEye will blow Goldfinger out of the water. But I hope to find a decent balance between two contexts (historical and within the series). So while I certainly wouldn't argue that in the context of James Bond lore, WINE is a superior film to, say, From Russia WIth Love, it's imperative to remember that my rankings consist of more than just what makes a good Bond film. It's about what makes a good film, period. With that in mind, let's discuss the World is Not Enough.


To start things off, the cold open of WINE is fantastic. While it doesn't pack in every Bond trope like GoldenEye did, it still covers a lot of ground. You've got a handful of gadgets including the exploding gun and hidden glasses detonator. The opening scene in the banker's office has plenty of tense dialogue and silly double entendres. It provides an extended look at the inner workings of MI6 and a more personal look at M and her relationship to the plot. The entire sequence is directed with a high level of energy and technical proficiency and it concludes with one of the most entertaining and action-packed boat chases that the franchise has to offer.

In general, the script employs several devices that are either new or are using in refreshing ways. For one, it's nice to have a film in which Bond is injured from the get-go and that injury is used throughout the film as a constant reminder that this man is no Superman. Even his typically flawless actions are turned against him at times. One of my favorite moments of the film is when 007 evades a group of oncoming snowmobile paratroopers. He tricks one into flying straight off a mountain bluff and we get the signature Bond smirk as the faceless villain plummets to oblivion… until he activates a backup parachute and begins to turn around and head straight back for Bond. At this point we cut back to Brosnan who delivers a frown with genuine disappointment (and puzzlement?) at his failure.

Writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (who have penned every Bond film since WINE) continually hold Bond accountable as a real human being. Each situation individually judges how Bond will act or react. He isn't consistently cocksure throughout every scene. Another notable sequence is when Bond, who has allowed himself to get caught up in assuming the identity of a Russian scientist, suddenly and very much unexpectedly finds himself face to face with the villain mastermind of the film. 007 acts very much like a real human would in such a situation. He is caught off guard and knows he must act, despite there being literally no plan, reinforcements, or safety net in place. And Brosnan shows it. His actions are deliberate, though you can see the agitation and fear in his eyes.

Part of what sets Pruvis and Wade's screenplay apart from the previous films is their expertise in setting up a twisting and turning narrative. The previous film, Tomorrow Never Dies was particularly guilty of having a plot that consisted of a linear pattern of an obstacle, followed by Bond overcoming it, followed by another obstacle, followed again by Bond overcoming it… and so on. WINE feels much different from that. The characters craftily cross, double-cross, and outwit one another constantly. Bond isn't just skilled at shooting things, he's savvy. He goes undercover (my favorite trick in the espionage bag), fakes his death, and turns villains upon one another.

WINE shares villain duties between Renard and Elektra King. Renard is fascinating as he plays more of a role than the henchman, but isn't quite the primary villain. In the context of the villains, he is a welcome change. He is no megalomaniac, he isn't out to purge the world of people he deems unfit to survive, and he isn't just some petty drug lord. He is a man with nothing to lose. The bullet-in-the-head gag is a little campy but it makes for some fascinating character motivation. King is similarly a refreshing take on a reprised role. The female-owner-of-a-deceased-family-member's-company schtick isn't new. It was used with Stacey Sutton (geologist taking over for an oil tycoon) in A View to a Kill. There have also been countless smaller female characters that we are to believe are highly qualified scientists, secret agents, and so on -- including WINE's own Dr. Christmas Jones who we'll get to momentarily. Every one of these characters feels exactly like what they are: a sexy pinup model playing a scientist in the world's biggest budget but ultimately most unsatisfying porno. You can't help but roll your eyes when former Playboy model Gloria Hendry cries and whines about not being a proper CIA agent. Sophie Marceau, who plays King, is an entirely different matter. When her character demands satisfaction for the merciless murder of her father, Marceau has the aplomb to pull it off.

But it's not all perfect. Marceau still falls flat at times. Her tender moments still feel as forced as many of the actresses of films past. Her rapport with Brosnan is so-so at best. At least it's not as bad as… well everything involving Denise Richards and Dr. Christmas Jones. I don't know any of Richards' other work so I can't properly judge her as an actress but the writers did her no favors when it came to the stupid dialogue and the fact that even 30 years after Pussy Galore, a lesbian will still throw 25+ years of sexuality to the wind as soon as Agent James Bond comes along. Make no mistake, this disaster of a character was a complete group effort. The costume department didn't do her any favors either when they dressed her up like the spitting image of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.

Sadly most people think primarily of Dr. Jones when they reflect negatively on this 19th installment of the 007 franchise. There is of course plenty of camp to be found elsewhere (helicopters with enormous buzz saws, flying snowmobiles, and weak 2nd- and 3rd-Act dialogue) but ultimately I feel that this film receives a bit more criticism than it deserves.

Look and Sound

All aspects of the technical side of WINE are on par with the previous two Brosnan entries (GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies). I found the camerawork to be especially exciting during the action sequences and the lighting doesn’t disappoint. Once again I am totally in love with the set design.

I am particularly fond of David Arnold’s score. It frequently reprised classic Bond themes during action sequences to heighten the excitement. In a way it almost allows most of the campier elements of the film (the boat “driving” up London alleys, for instance) to be accepted as part of “classic 007” tradition.

A recurring pitfall of WINE was the uber-‘90s sound design. The film had a nasty habit of using generic tech-y sounds every time a computer or monitor was used. A minor gripe, sure, but it really got silly after a while.

Callbacks, Recurrences, and Tropes

WINE covers some pretty traditional Bond tropes. There are, of course, the title song, wild title sequence, and gun barrel sequence. There is a great ski chase (which I believe brings us to six), a card game (number 11, though really Bond didn’t play cards in Diamonds are Forever, I still count his casino trip), and a peculiar henchman. The gold-toothed Mr. Bouillon doesn’t have a significant or particularly memorable role, but it’s good to know that such henchmen are still around. We also get the 11th instance of “shaken, not stirred,” (fifth uttered by Bond himself) and the 14th instance of “Bond, James Bond.”

The returning cast includes Judy Dench returning as M, Samantha Bond returning as Moneypenny, a rare reappearance (just the fourth) of Chief of Staff Bill Tanner, and the second of Robbie Coltrane as Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky.

The most notable recurrence is Desmond Llewelyn in his final performance as the perpetually exasperated, always quick witted, gadget guru, Q. Llewelyn decided to retire after 17 appearances in the Bond franchise, spanning 36 years. In a horrible twist of fate, he died in a car accident mere weeks after the release of the film.

His involvement in the James Bond franchise is one that can never be overshadowed. The only person who was in even remotely as many Bond films was the original Moneypenny, Lois Maxwell. Maxwell had started only one movie prior to Llewelyn but had retired 14 years prior to him. The fact that in 1999, we watched as the ever-bemused Q chided Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond is astounding to me. This is the very same silver haired, tweed jacketed Q who once amusingly lectured a young Sean Connery on the proper usage of an ejector seat button in 1964.

If you ask the average film goer to name a few key aspects to a James Bond film, it’s likely that the term “gadgets” will be in nearly every list. The gadget briefing scenes were a standard for any 007 film worth its weight and Q was there nearly every step of the way. It is profoundly endearing to hear Llewelyn utter Q’s catchphrase, “now pay attention, 007,” to James Bond one final time. And one can’t help but smile as he sagaciously gives a few last pieces of advice before departing (both the scene and the franchise), with a smirking Agent 007 watching him go.

Overall Impression

All in all, I am baffled as to why this film receives as much criticism as it does. Certainly it has issues. Dr. Jones is an entirely worthless character, belonging with the Mary Goodnights and Tiffany Cases the of the world. There are moments of silliness, but nothing more audacious than anything found in the ‘80s. People claim that the script is convoluted or boring. I say that it is a vast, vast improvement over its predecessor, Tomorrow Never Dies — and again, just about anything we’ve seen for a few decades (with some exceptions).

All in all, I rather enjoyed the film and look forward to seeing if any other WINE fans would like to emerge from the closet in agreement or if I am just entirely off my rocker. To the comments section!

Quick Hits

Category Score Note
Writing 8 Complex, twisting, turning, engaging. Dialogue weakens considerably in Acts 2 and 3.
Directing 8 Snappy camera movement compliments the action well.
Acting 7 Brosnan is at his best, Marceau is more good than bad, but this category suffers greatly from Richards’ performance.
Cinematography 8.5 Nothing groundbreaking for the time, but a thoroughly solid showing nonetheless.
Production Design 8.5 Lamont continues to deliver a believable world with amusing gadgets.
Score 7.5 The score is ripe with excellent usage of the 007 theme, but points are lost for the distinctly ‘90s sound design.
Editing 8 Sharp editing works well with the action-oriented directing.
Effects 8.5 No complaints here.
Costumes 7 Not bad overall, though the travesty that is Dr. Jones’ outfit is hard to overlook.
Personal Score 8

Score - 79 / 100

Film Score
GoldenEye 86
Goldfinger 85
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 82
The Spy Who Loved Me 80
The World is Not Enough 79
From Russia With Love 76
The Living Daylights 75
You Only Live Twice 73
License to Kill 72
Dr. No 70
The Man with the Golden Gun 68
Tomorrow Never Dies 68
Live and Let Die 66
Thunderball 61
A View to a Kill 59
Moonraker 59
For Your Eyes Only 55
Octopussy 48
Diamonds Are Forever 37

Bonus Category!

So for each movie my wife and I will be enjoying a spirit or cocktail that relates to the film. I know we've now done a few of these in a row, but they're just so darn easy, iconic, and tasty. Martini -- shaken, not stirred.

• 4 measures vodka
• 1 measure dry vermouth
• Lemon (garnish)

Combine vodka and vermouth in a shaker. Shake over ice. Garnish with lemon, if desired.

So what do you folks think? How does the World is Not Enough fare in your opinion?

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SwanpJew's Sunday Showdown - September 21, 2014

Hi, it's SwanpJew. Can't come to the reddit account now. Please leave your screenname and the amount I supposedly owe you. I'll be happy to get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Beeeeeep.
A Note From the Editor of the SwanpJew Power Poker System:
Okay, so this is a bit unorthodox. And more than a bit awkward. You clicked the link expecting to read some awesome poker action from the greatest 1/2NL player of all time. Instead you're getting me, a guy who thinks G-bucks are some kind of online currency. I was tempted to try to make some hand up and pretend my thought process was that of an expert, but SwanpJew would never allow such a thing.
As many of you are aware, SwanpJew's paramour hasn't returned from a visit to her home country and an unknown entity has claimed responsibility. To satisfy her captors and ensure her safety, every single poker and regular media outlet has been instructed to feign ignorance of—and to not release a word about—the situation. There have been no efforts to collect a ransom or even declare a motive. It seems whoever kidnapped Miss Boeree did so to draw out SwanpJew himself.
I'm afraid I don't have much of an update to offer. SwanpJew landed safely in Heathrow shortly after posting last week's notice. Against my advice, Mr. Jew decided to wear a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches and carry a meerschaum pipe to “get on wit' these limey Brits, innit” and gather intelligence. So far, the only things he has learned: the ale isn't served as cold as American beer and the World Cup ended months ago.
He has asked me to inform his loyal /poker readers that, pending Liv's safe return and NitrogenSports not “totally punking out on their BTC freeroll again,” the Sunday Showdown is indefinitely on hiatus. SwanpJew has promised a future AMA, a sweat session or hand review with one lucky player, a video lesson series, and a mystery special project on the horizon. He's asked you, his loyal fans, to be supportive and patient in this very difficult time.
It's my pleasure to offer you a “Blast from the Past” lesson and a short advertisement for a cause Swanp and Liv both care about dearly.
Thank you and enjoy.
Blast from the Past An Excerpt from the original SwanpJew's Guide to Power Poker
Hand Quiz 2 – 1/2NL at a New Orleans casino
You are on the button with AcAh and your stack is huge. UTG, HJ, CO limp in. The action is folded to you.
Do you: call, raise, go all-in, or fold?
Answer: Just call. If you raise every time you get pocket Aces, you’re telling your opponents you like to get value from your premium hands. That’s a tell and a serious leak in your game. By calling, you’re setting up a trap. Pocket Aces is the best starting hand in hold ‘em (you heard it here first), so it only makes sense to keep as many players in the pot as possible. Sometimes you should fold. If you play too many hands, your opponents will know you’re not strong all the time. Throw them off by folding your Aces.
Going all-in is fine if the stacks are at least 750BB and your opponent is wearing sunglasses and a backwards ball cap. This is a good play because of something called implied odds. They’re called “implied” because you’re implying that you have a garbage hand and you’re hoping to avoid a call from an Internet player who has no idea how to read souls.
Despite all these exceptions, in this example you just call.
Flop: JsKsQs
This is a great flop for you. If your opponents are any good, they would have thrown away their Jacks or Queens because you have Aces. Plus, there’s three spades on the board. That means that it’s virtually impossible for anyone else to have spades.
UTG bets some chips. Then HJ calls. CO raises or something.
Do you: call, raise, go all-in, fold?
Answer: Just call. Betting now would be springing the trap too early. Trust me.
SB re-raises, BB folds, UTG re-re-raises, HJ shoves all in, CO shoves all in.
See? What did I tell you? This is the best situation for aces on that weak board. After all, even if someone has a King, you’ve got their pair beat.
Do you: call, raise, go all-in, fold?
Answer: Just call. We don’t want to scare away anyone with a little left behind.
SB shoves all in, UTG shoves all in.
Do you: call or fold?
Answer: This is a close one. Everyone’s showing strength, so now we’re worried that someone else has Aces and we’re going to split the pot. That’s bad news because when we show down, the other players get a read on us. I like a call here.
Hero calls and shows Aces out of turn. SB, UTG, HJ, and CO all muck.
Hero takes down $12,060 pot.
A Message From Your Poker Heroes A commercial featuring Abigail Breslin circa Zombieland
[A suburban mom is in a McMansion kitchen among state-of-the-art appliances and she, for some crazy reason, is using a towel to manually dry a plate. She walks upstairs to check up on her 10-year-old daughter, who rapidly clicks to minimize a window on her computer desktop. The mom frowns and the daughter smiles nervously]
Daughter: “Oh, hi, Mom.”
Mom: “Cindy... are you going full degen?”
Cindy: “No! I was just looking at porn, I swear!”
Mom: “Cindy...”
Cindy: [sighs] “Yes, ma'am.”
Mom: “Let me see.”
[The camera pans to the computer screen. A cursor opens HM2 and shows ridic LAG stats]
Mom: “Well, your PFR is nice and tight at 25% – oh,wait. That's your three-bet percentage.”
Cindy: “I have to isolate the mega-fish!”
Mom: “Well, did you have to iso-raise with four-deuce off?”
Cindy: “I have a post-flop edge against all these donks!”
Mom: “Cindy, honey, you're scaring me.”
[The camera pulls back to put the arguing pair in the background. Enter Liv Boeree in the foreground]
Liv: “Hi. I'm Liv Boeree, poker pro and all-around awesome babe.”
[Enter SwanpJew in the foreground. He wears an uncomfortable smile]
SJ: “H-hi. I-I'm Sw—SwanpJew.”
[There is a heavy silence for twenty seconds. Sweat beads on SJ's forehead. Liv clearly takes her cue early in order to relieve the pressure on SJ]
Liv: “Millions of American teenagers are stealing their parents' credit card information, logging on to perfectly legal poker websites, and donking off stacks like wannabe JRBs. What's the problem here? Poor parenting? An oppressive, nanny-like legal state?”
SJ: “NO!” [Liv flinches at the volume. SJ swallows a big lump in his throat and continues at barely above a whisper] “No, Liv. The problem at work here is...”
SJ and Liv: “FPS – Fancy Play Syndrome.”
[The camera cuts back to Cindy and Mom arguing. Liv comes from camera right to crouch by the girl.]
Liv: “You don't need to balance your range at these stakes. Just bet for value and avoid paying off passive players when they suddenly turn aggressive.”
[Liv turns to the camera and flashes her million dollar smile]
SJ: “THAT'S RIGHT, LIV! [coughs] You can isolate without a monster, but having zero card advantage is no way to go to the flop in a three-bet po—”
[SJ frowns deeply. Liv, sensing what's happening, looks off-camera with an apologetic head tilt]
SJ: “What kind of bullshit is that? Let me see that hand history real quick.”
[The actress playing Mom, clearly fed up with drying the same plate for 45 takes, throws up her hands and storms off-set. SJ begins scrolling through the totally fabricated HM2 database, occasionally muttering “raise” and “all-in” and “chatbox taunt them into calling.” Liv faces the camera, gamely determined to finish this best take, which has presumably taken hours to get]
Liv: “Kids, it's not cool to open 3.5x under the gun with Ace-four off-suit, even if the Ace is a spade. Stop the FPS virus before it becomes full-on bajunky monkey tilt.”
SJ: “What kind of moron stacks off with middle set? You got coolered, bro.”
Cindy: “What should I do when the fish keeps felting me?”
SJ: “Just pretend you were villain the whole hand and post the results on /poker. You don't ever have to lose on your Internet posts.” [SJ flashes his $2,980 dollar smile]
[Fade to black]
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[Table] IAmA: Dan Fogler, back on the Don Peyote trail. Ask me anything.

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Date: 2014-05-09
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Questions Answers
Hi Dan! I'm a big fan and love all of your comedy movies! Balls of Fury is one of my all time favorites and you were by far the best part of Good Luck Chuck. My question is, are you going to do more serious roles like you did in Scenic Route? I thought both you and Josh Duhamel did an amazing job! Also, any chance for a Balls of Fury sequel? Last one I swear, do you still do stand up? I've been wanting to do standup again. I've been craving it. You can watch some of my standup in the videos section on www.dan-fogler.com . I hope to do many more serious roles. You know, I want to be able to do everything. In Don Peyote, I get to show a little bit more of the spectrum of my abilities, get a bit more serious in that, it's more of a dark comedy. In Europa Report, I did a little bit of a more serious turn, Hannibal was more serious, I'm trying to show a lot more colors of the palette. I can't believe I just said colors of the palette. And yeah, it would be cool to do a Balls of Fury sequel, call it DOS: Balls of Fury.
DOS: Balls of Fury. Best possible title for a sequel. Agreed.
This may be a very dumb question, but in Balls of Fury, did you do your own ping pong? or was it animated or anything? Heeheeheehee. Oooh, how should i answer this one?
It was 100% me. I did every single ping-pong stunt in the movie. And it's important that people know that they shouldn't try to challenge me, because I hurt the last person I played with a ping-pong ball to the eye, and I feel horrible about it.
I'm just kidding…I'm only okay at ping-pong, and 99% of the ping-pong in the movie is CGI.
Hey Dan. I was bar tending at the SoHo Playhouse when you did The Voyage of the Carcass back in 2006. We actually met, and spoke some throughout the run of the show. Really enjoyed the show, and congrats on your success. When I saw Love Happens, Take Me home Tonight, and Hannibal, I had to make sure my friends knew that I met you once upon a time. As for a question, on the set of Hannibal, what was shooting like? Mads seems like the type of actor that would stay in character between takes, is that the case? I also have a production curiosity. How long before the first episode of Hannibal you were in, did it actually get filmed? Are episodes filmed a few weeks before the air date, or was it months? Oh my god. I'm glad you saw that play. That was an amazing production. Mads is always intense & mischievous, but in between takes he's a fun guy, like you'd want to go get a drink with. I think at least 6 months. I was the third episode and they're shooting several episodes at a time sometimes. And it took, I'd say, I think it took like 3 months to see my episode.
Thanks for responding. Yep, Carcass was awesome!! Keep on keepin' on!! Yeah, we're going to make a movie I think at some point.
What did you have for breakfast this morning? Wow, I totally skipped breakfast because I had this meal last night that was followed up by a bowl of cereal that never should have happened that I'm still trying to deal with.
How much trim do you get? What advice would you have for someone who wants to get more trim? What is the hottest trim you've ever had? Whoa. Wow. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoaaa. WHOAAA.
How much trim do you get?
Go see Don Peyote and find out.
I'm definitely planning on seeing that! Have you ever done any hallucinogens? that's an interesting question. Yes, yes I have.
And shall I give you a list? Yes, why the hell not.
Shrooms (which were delightful)
Ayahuasca (opens my mind)
DMT is part of Ayahuasca, plus it's already in your head so that doesn't count.
I've eaten mushrooms many many times years and years ago. I only did acid once. I didn't really like how long acid was, that's what I liked about shrooms, 4 or 5 hours and you're back to normal. Thanks for the honest answer! YES.
I'm a big fan of the organic stuff.
Loved your run on Hannibal. Anything you can share with us about your experience on the show? Thanks! Mads is hilarious. Inbetween takes we were cracking each other up and it was crazy, like, karate moves at each other and giggling about you know, ladies and stuff. It was like we were old buddies. I really enjoyed making that show. And I hope I come back as a ghost or something.
Did you try and reenact any scenes from Casino Royale? I imagine you'd be sitting in a suit and having him sit across from you... all twitchy and evil like. Yeah, I was totally imagining, like, that situation, playing Poker with him going into it. That was my one sided perception of who he was going into it. So I was like almost scared shitless of the guy, but once i met him, I was like, this guy is a sweetheart. Fun, so fun.
But he just has that face. His cheekbones could cut bread. I like that line.
Hey Dan, big fan of Balls of Fury. I imagine, with that big of a cast of hilarious people (Lennon, Crews, Lopez just to name a few) like yourself, there were plenty of ruined takes due to people cracking up - mind sharing your favorite? Also, just how hot is Maggie Q? And lastly, are you actually a fan of Def Leppard? I'm seeing them and KISS in august. Yes love def lepard. Maggie Q is delightful. funniest weirdest moment: walken chasing me across the fantasy island rope bridge in a bionic ping pong suit, between takes he'd say, "u know when I catch you randy, I'm going to pork you"
Whose funnier, Topher Grace or Dane Cooke? Both hilarious movies by the way. Oh wow. Oh shit. Okay. How about, I'm going to say Topher. Because I just think that Topher has kind of a darker, wry-er, more complex je ne sais quoi to the tone of his comedy.
And Dane's funny but Good Luck Chuck was kind of a funky movie for me.
I was secretly hoping you would say Topher. I fucking love that guy! You guys have great chemistry. Absolutely. Take Me Home Tonight was one of my most favorite movie experiences ever. Amazing cast.
What was your first reaction after reading the end of Scenic Route? My first reaction was I was like HOLY SHIT this is like Waiting for Godot or something. I thought it was like a modern Waiting for Godot in the desert and thought it would make a really good play. Because it does have an existential ending, like a Twilight-zone ending, you're questioning whether these guys made it out of there intact or not. So I thought it was pretty brilliant.
What is your best memory from when you first started working in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee? You were great in it! Thank you. There was this time when we were onstage and there's a part in the show where my character is allergic to peanuts, and a boy scout character throws peanut m&Ms at me, and the bag usually just falls to the ground but this time it hit me and M&Ms went everywhere. And like clockwork, everybody onstage like, perfectly got up and grabbed one M&M and went back to their seat and slowly all the M&Ms were cleaned up. It was like magic, I love improvised moments like that. It was so perfect and real and fun.
WHAT DOES MADS MIKKELSEN SMELL LIKE? Mixture of old spice & Nutella.
Bless you. Jonathan Tucker has said cupcakes and Gillian Anderson has said tweed. The hunt for the real answer continues. That's is the real answer.
I really liked the movie fanboys. Are you big fan of anything? I like Fanboys too. What am I a fan of? I'm a fan of movies in general. I'm excited for the new Star Wars coming out, that's for sure, and I'd like to see Coppola take another stab at the Godfather. I think he deserves another chance. I'm a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan. I was drawing them on my book before anybody knew who the hell they were, old school, old school, and then suddenly they were everywhere, saying "Cowabunga" and shit.
Hey Dan - I saw on your IMDB page that you worked on Robot Chicken. That's hilarious. How did you end up on Robot Chicken? How does one break into the 'make hilarious movies playing with toys' industry? Seth Green is a buddy of mine, after we did Mars Needs Moms. And I loved that episode, it was so much fun. And I guess you just have to be friends with Seth.
Awesome that you are doing an AMA really enjoyed Take Me Home Tonight, Balls of Fury, and especially Hannibal. I need to see Scenic Route still. I guess my questions are do you find it hard going from comedic roles to dramatic or more serious roles? What is the most satisfying thing for you creatively? Just for some love for Fanboys, what is your favorite Star Wars charactemoment? Han Solo hands down. "and I thought they smelled bad...on the outside!" not hard at all I've got many emotions living inside me just like normal humans. the most satisfying roles are the sad clown roles because you get to do everything.
How would u describe don pzyote in three words? Don Peyote in three words: a gateway film.
What was the character u liked to play the most?why? To which one r u the closest? I think that the Fanboys character version of me from like, college. Right there. I'm done with that one.
What s the best advice u ve ever been given in ur entire life and career? Best advice was from an acting teacher, who said "try to act like this is really happening." so you really try and act like like all the situations you're in, however bizarre, are really happening, and that really helped my acting a lot. I'm still working on that.
Hi Mr. Fogler. Thank you for doing this AMA. I don't know what Conan O'Brien smells like. But I think it's probably strawberry jam.
You were amazing in Scenic Route... That seemed like it was a rough role to play... How did you prepared for that?.. Got any stories from the set? Also, What does Conan O'Brien Smell like? And preparing for Scenic Route was like preparing for a play. We knew that when we got out there, we were going to be in Death Valley and the elements were going to be against us, so we had to know the script by heart, we rehearsed a lot, Josh and I got to know each other.
Did you think your character on Hannibal was hilarious? Because my god, when you started trying to tell Tobias that it wasn't too late for him and that you guys were true friends. I laughed so hard. And then Hannibal straight up killed you and I laughed harder even though I was a bit sad. Also, if you were in Franklyn's position when Tobias burst through Hannibal's door, how would you have reacted? It was pretty funny huh? if I was in the office when Tobias busted in I'd grab the nearest letter opener or metal statue and start defending myself.
In Fanboys, you had to get an ailing fan to see Star Wars Ep 1 before his time was up. What future Arnold film must you see before you go? King Conan? A new Terminator? True Lies 2? Hehehehe. I say, fuck those, I want to see him play Hamlet, if I'm going to die. If I have to die, I want to see him do Shakespeare, That would be hysterical. And then maybe I'd laugh myself to death, or heal myself. But if I had to choose, it'd be the Terminator one, probably.
Hi Dan! I loved you in Spelling Bee on broadway! Are you planning on doing any more live theatre? What would be your dream broadway role? Yes I've been craving it. might be fun to play Nathan Detroit or mcMurphy in coocoo's nest
Hey Dan, Loved You in Fanboys and Hannibal. My question is, how did you end up in the video for I Don't Wanna Be Me by Type O Negative ? What was the filming experience like? Were you a fan of the band before you shot the video? That was my 1st real gig out of college. it was like mini SNL training. I made up the crazy dance to the song for the audition and they hired me in the room. I became a fan after.
Tell us more about this West Coast bus tour to promote Don Peyote. Who is going to be on it with you and what's the plan. Are you going to do TalkBacks after a screening of the film? What do you want people to take away from Don Peyote? OK holy shit. The Bus Tour. Wow.
First of all, tweet @ me @MrDanFogler and I'll share all the details. Some of the people that are going are people from the movie that I met along the way. And these people are people like Daniel Pinchbeck, he has a large following and a lot of people will join the caravan because of him. Another gentleman named Freeman is onboard, and he's coming along. And then we have Captain Eboga, who will be showing up. He's going to be driving the jungle bus. And we want people to join the caravan.
We are going to different venues along the west coast. And we are doing talkbacks, showing the movie. We're going to end up at Lightning in a Bottle and doing a screening there. And then back to LA for some major Cheech & Chong event, which should be interesting. Don't bring the kids, but BYOB (bring your own buds).
The major message from Don Peyote is that happiness is just a switch in your head that you control. And it's not out there in the world, it's right inside of you. You have a choice. It's true!
Hi Dan, huge fan! How was Ayahuasca? Tell us something profound you learned from your experience. Something profound... tress are as human as we are. even more so.
PS Can't wait to see Don Peyote! That was supposed to say "trees" freakin spell check!
Hello, Dan. What are your favourite american comedies of the 2000s? Not including your movies. And does Christopher Walken really levitates while dancing in the empty hotels? Yes walken is constantly levitating 1 inch off the floor like magneto or some shit. really enjoyed brides maides.
Dan, I heard something about you being a guest star on the new ABC show Black Box. Can you talk about your character? Are there any plans to return to the stage? Yes trying to get back to stage ASAP. yes I did a guest star on black box, I play a guy with Wilson's disease.
Are you going to do some talk show promotion for Don Peyote? I've been doing a little. I think if the movie does well we'll get on some of the late night venues- right now it's just been day time interviews.
Oh and you should try tripping on lucid dreams. it doesn't get more organic than this. Yes very interested in lucid dreaming and astral projection.
Lucasfilm now being owned by Disney said they are basically going to make content that doesn't follow any of the cannon made by the previous extended universe stories - do you have any comments on this? So what are they going to do with the movie, re-make it? I mean, I don't know what's going on with the movie, I don't have enough information, but I think that the next 3 …
Hi Dan! What was working on the set of Balls of Fury like? It is one of my favorite movies and every scene sends me into stitches. It was just surreal and a dream come true to be working with walken. most days were fun!
Do you have any juicy, revealing "behind the scenes" stories for such a... movie? Dane cook carried a miniature Doberman pincher around with him in a man purse.
What was the best part of the set of Hannibal? Getting to chill with mads. Bryan fuller and everyone were so welcoming
If you could portray one Shakespearean role on stage, who would you go for? I'd like to do Hamlet but Falstaff is more appropriate.
With the new Star Wars coming out, I think the sequel we really need is a Fanboys 2. Any chance? Kyle newman's been whispering about it who knows?
Who you calling scruffy lookin? You, ya nerfherder!
Europa Report was an amazing movie! I wish Dan's part was bigger. Yeah, me too. I had like imagined more like being in the NASA part of things in like the headquarters at Houston, that's what I was imagining. But they made it more about the press aspect of it. Which was cool but I wish I had a bigger part. I thought the movie was good.
I just wanted to say I loved Man Up! Yeah! there's a bunch of episodes on Hulu you can find. A lot of people dig it. Thanks.
Man Up was so much better than that other show thats still on TV. Amen.
I have noticed this as well. Everyone's always talking about being in the moment and being more human. I can't figure out if you just notice it more when you start practicing it or if there is some sort of awakening happening. I am going to start Don Peyote in a few minutes. A collective spiritual awakening is happening all around us. people are gaining a conscience. and they are becoming more compassionate as they realize how fragile out planet is.
My Lord man, please be on my podcast!!! Sure @mrdanfogler lets work it out.
I feel like Fanboys needs a follow-up centered around the new Star Wars movies coming out. I don't know, you seem like the kind of guy that could get this done. Working on it pal.
Loved you in Balls of Fury, man. Sorry that's all I've seen you in - looked you up a bit based on it, found out you're a stage dude and established artiste! Just wanted to say thanks for the laughs. You're great - hope to catch you in something else soon. Check out Don peyote out NOW!
now i am re-renting Fan Boys. Edit and on that note how was kristen bell to work with. Kristen is a pro.
What is Chris Pratt like? Chris Pratt is a genius. He looks like he smells like pine trees. He's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He's the kind of guy who if you're stuck in the desert and you're in a SURVIVOR like situation, you want to make sure he's on your team because he knows how to survive for days. He's a badass.
Ever thought about getting a haircut? I got a haircut. Look at my reddit picture.
Jen Aniston or Angelina Jolie? Oooh. Oooh. Shoosh. Both?
Did you just get into that one to gawk at Jessica alba!? Hah what a dime she is! Oh, Jessica Alba is lovely. And I did Good Luck Chuck for the money. Which is absolutely true.
You absolutely saved that movie! You could have titled this AMA "Well here I am, what are you other two wishes?" World peace, and infinite baked ziti Sicilian without the calories.
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