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I spent the summer playing live poker on the West Coast (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area). AMA.

I was looking to get back into playing poker for a living (live this time) and did a short tour over the summer to find the city that suits me best.
Vegas: Rio, Planet Hollywood, Caesars, Bellagio, Aria*.
Los Angeles: Commerce*, Bicycle.
San Diego: Seven Mile*, Palomar, Lucky Lady, Ocean's Eleven, Pechanga.
Bay Area: M8trix, Bay 101*.
(* my favorite casino in that respective city)
Played mostly NL cash games (5/10, 2/5, 10/20, 1/3, in that order), PLO cash games (2/5/10, 1/3), a decent number of satellites, and some tournaments.
I thought all cities were just fine for someone looking to play my stakes for a living (mostly 5/10, and 2/5 if 5/10 isn't available) but would rank Vegas last due to not-so-good games outside of WSOP and non-poker factors (weather, dating, etc.).
If anyone has any questions about playing in any of these cities or a particular casino or just about anything, feel free to ask.
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Finally manned up to play no limit cash.

So I am still pretty damn new to the wide world of hold em. Summer 2012 right after I turned 21 I started playing some tournaments which at first I thought were the greatest. But after playing more and more and seeing the ridiculous luck needed in the small stakes tourneys which are basically turbos I knew I wanted to try cash.
So two months ago I tried my luck at casino m8trix in san jose and bought in for a small stack of 160 at the 1-2-3 game and donked it up and busted in 45 minutes. Confidence gone. Thanks to a friend being in town me and two buddies went 2 nights ago and after two hours I left up 83. Hey I can do this.
Then tonight I went by my self after class and it was heater city. I even went from 180 to 85 in 5 minutes after getting counterfeited. But then boom heat heat heat. I was quickly over 600 and I texted my buddy I went with and he sent me like 4 texts in all caps saying cash out haha. Fuck that. So I stayed in and it just kept comin. I was at 950 before I knew it and then it finally cooled down. I folded like everything and lost out on some draws before cashing out after 2.5 hours at 850 even up 670.
But anyways. It seemed like I couldn't lose. So easy to fold any unsure call when I know people are calling when I am strong. Was I just on a super heater or is live cash that easy? I don't play online btw i have just been trying to study as much as possible. Also is overbetting the nuts the right move usually at this limit? I really think I lost some value betting too strong with the nuts on the flop but since I am so inexperienced I didn't really know what to do and was scared of sets or flushes filling up.
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Low limit poker Tricked @ The M8trix – Poker Vlog 36 Casino m8trix tournament - YouTube CASINO M8TRIX Matrix Casino Hotel Poker Vlog 10: Let's get 2019 started!

The M8trix Casino is located in Northeastern San José, the Silicon Valley capital. Its ten gaming tables includes Baccarat, Pai Gow, Poker and Blackjack. The house also has a poker room where weekly tournaments are held. A delivering catering and drinking service is available 24/ while you’re playing. But the casino also has a classic catering service with American food and international ... Casino M8trix, located in San Jose, ... During busy times, it is possible that M8trix will actually cancel their tournaments outright. Dining and Bars at M8trix. M8trix is definitely built and branded mainly as an entertainment destination more than simply a casino. As a result of this, you will always hear some current music, frequently playing loud, and a busy scene of diners and bar ... Home: California Tournaments: Casino M8trix $170 No-limit Hold'em Days: M Time: 6:00 PM Casino M8trix. $170 No-limit Hold'em. Event Info Buy-in and Rake Buy-in: $170 Add-on: $5 Total Buy-in: $170 ... CASINO M8TRIX event tower luxurious Meeting and event spaces. Located on the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors of Casino M8trix’s high rise building, our luxurious meeting and event spaces provide picturesque views of Silicon Valley and are ideal for social events, corporate events, and non-profit gatherings. Accepting groups of 14 or more. Reservations must be made more than two weeks prior ... Casino M8trix poker tournament schedule and information, including starting times, buy-ins, prize pool guarantees, and freerolls. Casino M8trix - Poker club in San Jose, description, cash games and live tournaments schedule. Find your poker game at PokerDiscover. New casino players will receive a free real cash bonus whenever they play M8trix San Jose Poker Tournaments at a casino for real money. Casinos usually give out bonuses in the form of deposit matches usually. That means a certain percentage of your deposit is given in free money, so the bigger your deposit, the bigger your bonus. Casino M8trix is hosting a variety of exciting cash games and tournaments for players of all levels. Book a seat now! Book a poker seat. Tournament schedule Weekly. Day & Time Tournament Starting Stack Buy-In Structure; Monday 6:00 PM: No Limit Hold’Em: 14,000: $170: Structure : Tuesday 6:00 PM: No Limit Hold’Em: 14,000: $200: Structure: Wednesday 6:00 PM: No Limit Hold’Em: 19,000: $300 ... Casino m8trix tournaments >>> click to continue đánh bài casino Concerto – fnac – espetáculos sala: theatro circo de braga preço: 1250 a 2500 anterior seguinte pesquisa espetáculos seleccione a categoria: todas, artes / exposições,. Casino mediceo di san marco di firenze – monumento – arteit casino mediceo di san marco di firenze, tutte le informazioni sul monumento casino ... A schedule of Casino M8trix poker tournaments, including time, buy-in, blind structure, and more. You also can find Casino M8trix phone number, address, and website info.

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Low limit poker

The last couple vlogs were tournament-focused, so it is time to hop back into some cash game action. In this episode, I put in a session at one of my favorite card rooms in the Bay Area, Casino ... Casino M8trix introduces the M8trix Girls. Follow them as they lend a helping hand through out the community, 'Win BIG, Win Heart'. Director: Giovani Hidalgo... Happy 2019 everyone! We pay our 2nd vlog visit to Casino M8trix to begin the new year grind. You know how you have those poker sessions when you are in the z... How To Double Down & Split In Pure 21.5 Blackjack - Casino M8trix Card Academy - Lesson 2 - Duration: 1:28. Casino M8trix 66,337 views Traffic flow to and from the M8Trix Casino Hotel. Just fold it