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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 98: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

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  • Paging Special Agent Mike McMahon
    • NO Caps
    • < Grand Central Station I believe >
    • Agent Michael McMahon--California agent talking a lot about Awan brothers
    • Help Jason get in touch with Agen McMahon
    • Whistleblower protection did not help him, it destroyed his career
    • 3 Different Imran S Awans with 3 different offender IDs. Look into
    • McMann not McMahon.
    • McMann needs our help, he was targetted by McCabe
    • Legal action if Trump and Sessions.
    • Trump being handicapped by Sessions
    • Help get this interview
    • I'll tweet offender IDs
  • Whose Treasury Is It Anyway?
    • Hey everybody how's it going Hudson behind me and Yonkers, Broncos between the Bronx and Yonkers not far from the Hudson
    • So I made this jogged my memory the last time I was here in Broncos I made a short video
    • I got a call from a very high-level guy in England
    • hey hey scrunch
    • And anyway I think he knew or worked with Tony Blair and he basically said you don't need to know who I am but there's this company that somehow I know about that's this Pakistani company that's been thought to had ISI-based connections working in the US Treasury
    • And I can't remember if it was who it was if it was some radio host or some host had done--hey scratch--had done a series of reports about this in anyway they were using these Blackberries
    • And they were using these secure Blackberries to do all these contracts
    • And they were being held out from normal bidding the normal GSA type bidding
    • So was in the GSA part of the treasury
    • And I can't remember the name of the firm
    • But I don't have access to my computer right now I just
    • Don't know why I'm getting so much glare I don't have access to my computer
    • Now I just have my phone
    • So that somebody could tell me who
    • If somebody could tell me who that Pakistani ISI firm is, that I was working in the US Treasury I would be very appreciative
    • I just can't remember the name but some high-level guy in England called me
    • And it said I know
    • It was either like Tony Blair or somehow he knew I can't remember an ex prime minister or something like that wasn't Heath there was somebody after Heath
    • But I can't remember but anyway if someone could just go through and look I think Radio Patriot I think Andreea Jay King has the text the she can search
    • I think also 9/11BodySnatcher also has the text links that he can search for
    • Search for Yonkers or Bronx I'm pretty sure house in Yonkers over the Bronx if big was around mayushii timeframe but anyway that I think is the key to this whole thing the whole network the whole network with the Awans I believe is going to be
    • Now it wasn't Akhtar trust no it wasn't
    • Now it was like Shiva or it wasn't it was like pan Jeeva but it wasn't that's I don't think that's right
    • So if you go back to whatever day I think was the wrong time my son's graduation that that's the day of
    • So he could just give hey everybody if somebody could just give you that hint that would be great I don't want to make this long I just wanted to put out that request anyway it was it reminded me
    • So much of this golf trainer thing no bid contract all done and BlackBerry's all done off-book potentially black-budget not just one of those weird things
    • Now wasn't pan Jeeva I know pan Jeeva is a great tool for looking up different businesses like Hoover's wasn't pan G but you have to go back and actually look at the that day I think I made like eight or nine videos that day
    • So anyway thanks everybody
    • I'll just put this out there and hopefully we'll get a resolution thank you so much
    • Now wasn't what is it wait Sultana Sultana I don't know
    • Yes FBI agents do use Blackberries I believe
    • Mike McMahan would probably be able to answer that
    • Again I don't know if you remember those videos that I've produced but
    • A boy soldier Alpha Jalloh was a boy soldier from Sierra Leone?
    • I thought he was from Guinea
    • I thought his training base was in Guinea but they've moved them all around all along at Western shelf as the Africa starts turning to the north coast line I believe he's from Nigeria but they use the Nigerian kids to destabilize all along the gold and diamond coasts there
    • So like Sierra Leone cote debride Burkina Faso Guinea the whole crew that whole crew from Nigeria was used to destabilize that whole diamond and Gold Coast
    • Yeah sorry I can't do anything about the network and I don't have the I don't have the Wi-Fi yet so I apologize
    • Yeah Nigeria I'm pretty darn sure Jolla was pointed for Niger the whole Nigeria story hasn't really broke yet and I didn't really want to say this until I had proof
    • But I actually believe Jolla went to school in Ohio
    • Anyway he went to school in Ohio
    • And like what they do is they tell these kids oh actually you're the heir apparent not not Alpha Jalloh but this other kid who I believe had a Bentley
    • And they stole a Bentley for originally
    • Anyway then they had this entourage come to the same school
    • So like five or six kids that come to school kind of like his bodyguards when they come to the United States
    • And anyway they grew up with him the whole time and I think you're gonna see he did a 205 day 205 yeah if you can look at day 205 some day that day
    • I remember making a film here looking out at the Hudson just like this and the guy from Scotland called me
    • And he had been working with Craig Murray and he had been working with someone in the British government that was fairly high up that had been a prime minister
    • And he had said that hey oh by the way you got this Pakistani ISI firm working a new Treasury Department with these Blackberries and they're do most of the stuff most of the book work is done by the book GSA bid it out lowest bidder or whatever qualified bid that kind of thing not JCL I don't think oh that's JCL person but then anyway there's this black book stuff that they give for no bid contracts out by this Pakistani ISI firm that you have that's embedded itself into here G say
    • So I remember oh my gosh dishes Jack Lew this is the GSA this is the this is the infiltration that the this is the infiltration of the Treasury that the Awans are working on
    • And I didn't follow up on I feel so bad about a date to a button well anyway have a look at day 205 have a look at that day's things and if you could give me that give me that firm that would be awesome
    • I'm so sorry I am on the road today
    • And I just had to see my son before he took off for the west coast
    • So thank you very much it's not gonna come here right away whoever couldn't research that, that would be awesome you
  • Meet Michael McMahon, FBI Special Agent and Vetting Whistleblower
    • Good afternoon everyone
    • You're at Bryant Park again here in beautiful New York City they have concerts looks like Thursday Friday and Saturday I think maybe Sunday even as well
    • One of my favorite spots one of the favorite spots of Mark Twain of all people
    • 42nd and sixth Avenue is that right and Avenue of the Americas
    • But if you want to say it of course when you come to New York always go visit the New York Public Library
    • One of the things I asked about before I got in a train to go see my son I haven't seen him in such a long time
    • And it's always funny to see your son in a doctor's outfit in your life another thing same kid that I diapered
    • {{incomprehensible}}...But he's quite a good doctor
    • And anyway Michael McMahon Michael McMahon
    • One of the great things about this job--somebody at fox business stopped me and then interviewed me in Times Square today and it was Fox famous Maria Bartiromo
    • Here's a sharp shout out to Maria Bartiromo
    • I didn't
    • She broke the law brothers story really that made the mainstream media
    • Luke Rosiak of course had that story with with the print media with Daily Caller
    • But Maria Bartiromo at Fox Business was really the first one who broke it and television
    • Anyway the person asked me to question: what job do you think you would like the most?
    • And I said the job where you do exactly what you want to do and and what does that mean you
    • Well it's telling the truth
    • This is what job you what would be the worst consideration and getting a job?
    • I said well doing what other people think you want you want you to do
    • And being true to yourself looking inside your heart and doing what you think you do best
    • So a lot of all my decisions are made that way
    • I would have said that as an answer if I didn't believe that
    • So that one of those times was no conversation I just had right over here two minutes ago with Michael McMahon
    • He's now he's in California but he was a special agent with the FBI in Virginia
    • Now it's an undisclosed location that he was in in charge of
    • But he was in charge of OPM
    • OPM is the Office of Personnel Management and he was in charge his unit his unit was in charge in the Virginia area same place he Awans are
    • He left since then because of being a whistleblower
    • But the reason why he left was because he said there was six hundred sixty thousand checks that had been just processed through because they were paid on volume, not on quality
    • They were paid on quantity not on quality
    • So I had to know more about this story
    • I had to talk to him more about that
    • And explain and find out how are you only at the FBI a year--how did you get so high up GS-15
    • You got promoted seven months in
    • But he said I started as a GS-13 I had a stellar record in Iraq excuse me at CENTCOM I believe was Iraq
    • He's a Navy officer
    • He had an outstanding career as a navy officer serving our country
    • And he came in and he said hey you've got a problem here
    • There's two parts to vetting
    • One service is called name check this is the type of thing that I tweeted out right before I got on the train up to to the Bronx
    • This is the the easy step where that someone has multiple Social Security numbers
    • Multiple if they were committed crimes multiple offender IDs where they're trying to keep their their ID secret
    • That's one part of the service here ran--name check
    • So just name check is what it is a name check
    • And he said basically why do name check if you're not really checking?
    • Why even use the verb check if you're not checking you're not checking
    • Obviously they were not checking, because the Awan's got through and they were not checking
    • And you should be checking year after year Okay. and he said ninety-eight ninety-nine percent of the people that work for the government go through this OPM
    • So there is some kind of checking and as you go higher and higher obviously there's more and more involved FBI checking
    • So he has gone to Congress
    • He wrote a letter to Grassley
    • They brought him in front of the I believe it was a Judiciary Committee in the Senate
    • He had three hour testimony
    • It was kind of a here he comes there he goes story well we wrote our letter we're signing off now--vetting is a problem
    • This has to go out to the President of the United States because here is a man who also is a badge of honor
    • Who also had Mike Boyce said this cannot go on
    • What's in these emails of these 50 Chiefs that what they saw this cannot go on this is not the way we run things in the United States of America
    • This is an FBI guy that said that
    • Now of course what do you think happened?
    • Immediately everyone started treating him like dirt when he was a whistleblower
    • Even though we were supposed to put in a stronger whistle protect protection act we really didn't
    • And he was basically drummed out of the service for standing up for what he believed in was a very serious national security risk
    • So again, I can't do what other people want me to do
    • I can't I gotta be myself
    • If I start trying to be somebody I'm not, it's just not gonna work. I have to be me.
    • If something bothers me whether you whether that's a good thing or a bad thing I have to say it
    • I have to say it straight to the people to the American people straight to the to the world and let the chips fall where they may
    • And that is exactly what Michael McMahon did
    • He did not care about promotion or anything else other than security of the United States of America
    • If Mike I can tell already 20 minutes of speaking with Michael McMahon--if he would have been on at the switch and to help, the Awans would have never happened
    • There's no doubt in my mind the Awan thing would be something that's completely behind us
    • Now I don't think PTECH would have happened either I don't think a Pakistani firm with given the exclusive rights to giving out these exclusive contracts with these Blackberries--you can take over and make a deal here's the secret secure blackberry that Anthony Weiner's trusted staff configured over there in the corner for most of our contracts are GSA contracts
    • We'll do it above board
    • We'll have open bidding everyone will compete
    • They will stay up late at night doing proposals like I used to do as a sales guy
    • But for our special group for our "pay-to-play group" you may as well call it "pay to blackberry"
    • We'll give you a blackberry, you can if you get in on the bid as a token almost all senses that's a kind of a almost like a pay-to-play token these Blackberries
    • PTECH Lori found in two minutes boom I forget I'm away from my laptop
    • Lori found it in two minutes
    • PTECH is the company we're coming back to it because this is going to as I said before as these strings start coming apart and it just keeps bringing more and more
    • Jack Lou PTECH coming at you pro you left too many footprints too many footprints we're gonna have expert witnesses coming forward
    • I've had several calls on the lawsuit already today several attorneys already saying let's do this thing let's really go after JTTF
    • It's way worse than you think it is
    • Everybody coming back at me going it is the DOD it's not like the DOD it's not influenced by DoD
    • It's maybe Michael's not a special agent I have not even had a chance to vent Michael right other than 20 different people better oh oh
    • That was Michael say that he was way high up not a special agent Okay.
    • Not an SAIC I apologize she was not doing a little office
    • He ran OPM I love this thanks Michael
    • So online journalism, online correction that's not I don't need to issue a retraction
    • I just need to blush and say yes he was way high up used a GS-15
    • So people in the government certainly know what that means
    • So we're gonna get to know Michael over time and I also want in-depth way interview the kind of interviews that Jason Goodman does
    • Where he really asked those great questions I mean I saw just just a plug Jason for a little bit
    • I saw some incredible interviewing techniques that Jason just never got a chance to show too much because of so much stuff going on
    • And so much news has been
    • So much running around and when you see this Lionel interview I've been watching it a day to day we've been 20 hours a day literally for the last whatever three months
    • When you see this interview when it comes out
    • I know he hates me to put pressure on it's it's gets a great interview and you're going to have other interviews like that coming out for Charles Ortel
    • And you're gonna have out of the interviews like that I hope it's gonna do my interview my second because I want that Braverman out there
    • So anyway Lori thank you
    • You're just I mean I am dirt compared to Lori
    • She's the brains she's just a Brain right it's right back here and she says it kind of reminds me of that broadcast news with William Hurt,
    • And then somebody was saying the x-15 afterburners have been known to go out it's bad weather situations that he was getting the air pieces he say
    • So that's all for right
    • Now I want you to get to know a Michael McMahon
    • He tweeted back to me directly I didn't know whether to take this or flip it over to crowdsource the truth
    • He got back meat to me directly
    • So I felt the obligation of telling his story
    • Again I like crowd source of truth to continue to develop this
    • I think Jason would just be a fantastic four camera interview like we did for Lionel
    • Like we did for Dr. Corsi
    • Like we did for Charles or talent who knows
    • So anyway oh gosh that was Michael sending me a thing about records management
    • A Lot of the questions I asked he said I'm sorry I can't answer that
    • I'm sorry I can't answer it
    • Sorry that's classified
    • So this is a person who still has a very high esteem for the secrecy of the people of our country that have worked for our government
    • Now you probably also remember the OPM hack
    • The OPM hack where 22 million records were hacked
    • We don't know who hacked them but it could be a hacking group I mean I'm just guessing
    • Cozy Bears
    • It could be a hacking group on Capitol Hill maybe maybe
    • I think I know where the records are kept.
    • I think it's DISA, near Springfield but I won't speak publicly for you Jason I apologize
    • I'm gonna sign off now I just wanted to say
    • So long from Central Park that's at Park Bryant Park caught me
    • Look forward to getting to know Michael McMahon's better over time
    • We're not gonna quit on learning who's Michael McMahon is
    • And the issues that we had with vetting and name search, and it's the nature excuse me until we're done
  • Day 293 - Adding Awan Car Ratlines To Mix
    • Okay. Good morning everybody
    • So up here in the Bronx day 293 and I wanted to add in kind of the car ratlines that show how the cars are used to move DU and WP
    • The D U we're going to talk about the depleted uranium and the ring there is gonna be mostly I believe Virginia through South Carolina, potentially Savannah
    • And then I think the white phosphorus is gonna be mainly Florida, especially the Port of Tampa the Jacksonville
    • I'm not quite sure about yet, but we'll get there when time allows, but let's focus mainly on the Awan brothers piece of this in Virginia
    • Again this is all under kind of a DynCorp construct
    • So there's gonna be West Africans and New York would be stealing the cars
    • And then there's going to be the Awans having the middle piece of the ratline
    • And then there's gonna be people downstream as well
    • So I'm just gonna focus on the Elan piece of this and the DynCorp ring again where the DynCorp picks up and where the Awans pick up is kind of under dying for is running the whole ratline from beginning in the Awans could be just the middle piece how much they know Alpha Jolla in the beginning of the ratline is remains to be seen
    • They certainly are Alpha Jolla certainly is in DC quite a bit awry in the well right
    • Now as a matter of fact
    • So we're gonna talk about cash weapons cars espionage that's really a replay of Iran-Contra to matter of fact it may be the same Iron contra just it was just hidden better they just changed the name and hid it better
    • And you could throw drugs in here as well I'll bring into your Javita in a little bit with that drug operation but right
    • Now I'm going to just focus mainly on the spy ring and a car ring
    • So so right here is the twenty million dollar payment I talked about yesterday for the UAE to the this DC think tank which is the Middle East Institute
    • These are always just very thinly veiled covers that's a kind of a rent payment for running the car ring
    • And it's the same old game with just drugs in weapons out--very simple
    • The same as Mena Airport drugs in weapons out
    • Same as Offut Air Force Base has been since then drugs in weapons out
    • I'm gonna go ahead and keep the Twitter feed here
    • Just so you can see how see your name if you're tweeting out and gives it a kind of a metadata timestamping as well that I kind of like
    • So you're gonna have to use that as proof of life
    • I don't really want to do a lot of camera work
    • I'm trying to get away from that and really focus on CSTT to do that
    • So and also I just want to upload videos
    • I really don't like the pressure of going live but well here we are
    • So the Washington Navy artists I mentioned I believe 148 buildings around 178 buildings I think there's a huge store of old weapons that need to be disposed
    • They're not really being disposed they're being resold and parts all over the world
    • That's the general piece of all this they can sit there for years and years and years and nobody's gonna bother them
    • I think DU weapons actually spill all the way back to the world war two an experimentation in the 50s and really start developing in the 70s 80s and 90s
    • So there's huge stockpiles here they're not being disposed of
    • Somebody's making money to dispose of those I really haven't got that part of the ratline
    • But the key here is as they go down the the Potomac here where the Anacostia splits with the Potomac, I believe the load point is that National Harbor
    • This weapons ratline is gonna be here at National Harbor
    • And I know this has been turned into a commercial area with a with the G4S looking over all the operations here up there on the hill
    • And now the casino is here the Tangier outlet mall and all that stuff and and
    • So this load point maybe a little bit further up and up the Potomac now a little past Fort Washington in this more secure area in the Navy research labs
    • So I'm just as just general the suit just general
    • But here this Springfield to Woodbridge corridor here with the Awans in the middle of it--that's really gonna be kind of the load the loading area the weapons loading area and I believe the stores aren't going to be at actually the staging area it's gonna be Fort Belvoir
    • And I believe that's how you say it if it still has the French pronunciation
    • But Fort Belvoir I believe you're gonna bring in let's say whatever the munitions are they're gonna be packed and loaded into kind of the same thing you would do it in Amazon warehouse
    • I'm not saying it's an animus on warehouse there specifically--that's a front
    • But maybe you want to look into that
    • But the people that are being recruited are ms-13 they're you're mainly from their kids they're mainly from El Salvador Guatemala
    • I believe the operation would in Woodbridge that Arshad Mahmood ran was basically that getting kids to work here temporary
    • If they talk you can kill them
    • And that's just that simple
    • And then it's a short hop over here for the drivers to just go over here to National Harbor to do the load
    • So I think the loading is somewhere in here
    • Maybe Springfield companies I know Arshad Mahmood had a thing called Goal Transport
    • So there's other transport companies that other wands had ADHD and dropped the D
    • So it's ADH transportation that Naeem Awan had
    • We're gonna end up looking at all these transportation companies
    • But I think the idea is very short haul very short haul drainage over to this load point it's gonna be somewhere along in here somewhere in here
    • And the reason I say that is again some of this conjecture some of its a lot of it's supported with with fact
    • But you want to keep your supply lines as short as possible because every mile that DU travels or sarin travels or the WP you have point a possible interdiction
    • So you really want to limit your possible interdiction points as much as you can
    • Now is skybridge tactical flying to an airport up here, with the white phosphorus, to load WP here as well? Who knows
    • And vice-versa skybridge tactical taking d you down to Tampa and loading there and and Jacksonville loading there
    • Potentially. That makes sense why the separation with purple shovel in Virginia, and the Skybridge tactical being in Florida
    • Now these are all look I believe this is just gonna be the chemring rocket business
    • Now there could be other ammunition other arsenals better weapons payloads that are being supplied but
    • For right now I'm just following CHEMRING just the Chemring
    • Chemring missiles are going to either have DU load I believe or WP load
    • The Florida Chemings are gonna have the WP load and they're mainly gonna be sold to the armies of the Middle East and Africa but mainly Iran and Iraq initially
    • So I think those are gonna be the key customers, because they're most concerned about anti-tank
    • Now here we're gonna move into the vehicle theft ring
    • And this is Bill Warner's work, and the only thing I added to this picture was this Chemring rocket either with a de load here with the uranium sign or that it could be a WP or or I believe also could be a sarin gas load as well
    • But the vehicle is truly a vehicle
    • This is just a storage or a transportation vehicle for this
    • So you have to steal the vehicle which is done I believe in New York New Jersey area
    • There's a little bit of a there I believe there's also going to be a ring in Maryland
    • But the problem when you get so close to your supply line is and people can start putting things together easily defenses are gonna be diplomatic couriers
    • So like in Jalloh's ring there's 22 or 23 up in New York and New Jersey there's a ring of about six that are the entourage of some African Prince, and that's how they get diplomatic status as diplomatic couriers
    • I believe the you're gonna have the two guys that are expendable in this car
    • So not the diplomatic entourage
    • But there's gonna be one or two diplomatic entourage following a line of cars five six seven eight nine cars and the last ones gonna have the diplomatic fence in there
    • And then the cars are going to be brought down I'll show you the control point
    • Documents are prepared I don't know if it's gonna be caravans of six or seven or eight, but safety and numbers kind of thing
    • And then the diplomatic fences are going to drive the cars directly on to the diplomatic containers
    • And they are going to be the diplomatic courier that goes with the containers I think four is that the number that they feel most comfortable with, looking at the shipping documents
    • And really this is after looking at thousands of shipping documents
    • But I think four is the number
    • I'm not sure how many cars that is but I'm gonna say it's about with the size container they have about three or four cars per container
    • So maybe four
    • But I believe that's what's going on if somebody opens container he says hey I'm the the grand Prince of of Lagos personal envoy and that's the princes car and that's his wife's car
    • Okay Great close it up move it on
    • And then it hits the ship mainly going to code every Burkina Faso they they keep breaking these little African countries into pieces
    • So that they can do different ports
    • But if it was Lagos could be all the ports along that southern south western edge of the kind of protuberance of sub africa all right then they're drilling all over Africa and the Middle East from there okay
    • So let's look at the ring on like a map
    • I believe the driver sanctuary is in McLean Islamic centre I don't believe it they actually drive the cars down to the CIA dealership
    • And this is again looking at documents the great thing about Bill Warner is he's tracked everything to the VIN level
    • And there's gonna be GPS data from those sky little GPSes at those little GPS s you can buy those $50 GPS those those hidden GPSes
    • The intelligent thing they did here was they worked with dealerships that were fifty to a hundred miles away at least 50 to 100 miles away
    • So like in the Richmond Virginia they would start picking up dealerships and then they would be the kind of northern Maryland and then then stolen cars from New York
    • So and New Jersey
    • So I believe DynCorp runs the whole ratline from all the way from New York down to the actual shipping point
    • All the way and tracks it all the ship all the way to its final destination to the customer that's getting off the ship
    • But gets a new pickup driver going and driving it all the way to the Embassy of Gabon or wherever the final destination is going
    • And then I believe DynCorp monitors that car though through its entire life as the car of the interior minister of Gabon
    • For their diamonds and gold that that is
    • This is a entire life cycle that's much and managed by DynCorp
    • I believe the front company is going to be LCC or will light bridge communications or it was obviously Imran worked there it's just right across the street here in Tyson's corners
    • I think CELPLAN was out here more cell plan was more of a front company I believe to get home equity lines of credit from the United States Congress
    • So I don't think CELPLAN is actually in this
    • Now did sell plans to sell the Blackberries to everyone along the way as there were drivers
    • So that they would have encrypted communications along the way of course I mean of course you would use that for your communications of all your drivers and coordinating all this stuff and do I think DynCorp did all that of course I do
    • But I'm I'm just saying that CELPLAN beyond that just looked like a way of getting house equity lines of credit to these different cell phone shops that provided this the communications for the ratlines
    • So anyway I do I believe that there was a driver rewards at this Wolftrap yeah maybe who knows
    • I mean everyone wants to think the worst of everybody involved sometimes it's just good good business people running down and doing a ratline in an operation in the country in a foreign country
    • And they're just being good soldiers of their state
    • That's how they think about the thing of their selves is just being patriotic
    • These these reports or of all this fentanyl parties and stuff it will transfer I think greatly exaggerated but I have to report them because there are they have been made
    • So and then the CIA here I believe is just a chop shop point
    • If this somebody something goes along wrong along the way potentially interdiction
    • Law enforcement
    • Or somebody doesn't want the car or something goes wrong I think it goes here and then somebody picks it up and it just gets chopped somewhere in the Virginian Maryland area
    • And then I definitely think the money as far as the money from the payments
    • If drugs are coming in this way the payments are going into this garage Islamic Center
    • And again it's just a repeat of the Arkansas developed Finance Corporation in Arkansas
    • The money comes in you clear it at the end of the day money comes in you clear it at the end of the day you probably move it to some offshore account I'm guessing it's gonna be the Cayman Islands just looking up the traces of receipts as far as the different islands go in the Caribbean
    • Could be a little St. James but I haven't seen that evidence people have said oh it's little st. James how do we know this?
    • Well here's all ATAR been convicted many times fake billing all the sex stuff and all the ties to Hezbollah he is in the dealership
    • So he is bringing the money - I call it the Hezbollah car dealership he is bringing the money
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 297 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 156.12 John Barnwell Knows Who St. Germain Was - YouTube
    • {{ 911: The Alchemist St. Germain is Kevin Francis Bacon }}
    • Ok it's day 156 this is part 12
    • And I had no idea I would be making films this late into Saturday night
    • But I just listened to the last missive from John Barnwell and also Doug Gabriel at American Intelligence Media
    • And I have to say, I am always just incredibly impressed by AIM
    • Their depth of field
    • I mean if if they didn't work in the Intelligence business I don't know who did--John Barnwell it just sounds--like he's looking over Allen Dulles' shoulder, saying, "Allen you're gonna subvert the country if you do that you're gonna serve the country if you do this. Don't do it"
    • {{ 911: Doug Gabriel is Ex-NSA, Signals Intelligence, scalar antennas branch; Also claims to be an ex-Jesuit and outed Lionel as a Jesuit (his reaction was hilarious and didn't refute it)--Doug an Anthroposophist, offshoot of Theosophy, an offshoot of Rosicrucianism; and Doug also claims to be a Freemason, which is weird because Catholics can't be a Freemasons }}
    • But what I liked about Doug Doug Gabriel is he is this pitbull
    • And I love the ferocity and just engagement that he takes on everything with
    • And John Barton well I look at as as this kind of deep deep analyst
    • The person who looks at these situations and sees things over the full flight of history, the full flight of time, with all the operations--starting with Dulles, even before that OSS operations going all the way through
    • So this--they have comparative law as a degree
    • Well John Barnwell to me as comparative Intelligence, comparative Intelligence operations
    • He can he can just summon these histories of the Intelligence operations
    • Not only of the US Intelligence operations, but he's well versed and deep in in MI6 and British Intelligence before that etcetera
    • So that's what I love I mean now, I know that John Barton well knows who I am which is--quite--quite I don't know I'm I'm smiling here in Washington DC
    • And Doug made an apology at the end of this film here, which I would urge everybody to listen to
    • This is just the best stuff--just these are just the experts
    • This is just refined down to only the crystalline diamonds that you get in this kind of a report
    • But--what I really got from Doug was--I think he's understanding me a little bit more
    • I'm not an apologist for the SES
    • I'm more of a surgeon of the SES, trying to cut asunder what is not really worth examining
    • And then focusing in like a pathologist on the cause of death, or the thing that has caused this death of this democracy
    • So I think he's understanding me a little bit better
    • And I'm understanding him a little bit better
    • I think the debate now, is moot
    • The debate now, is moot because we both understand each other so much better
    • And--I must say I'm a little star-struck that John Barnwell knows my name
    • But we all shall move forward in this great open-source endeavor
    • Because I have said from the beginning that no I'm more the maybe the hound over here the blue tick hound as he called me--the nice guy dog who just sniffs the trail
    • And this is Doug Gabriel, who is is the bastion of being the pitbull of democracy
    • But together together we are going to deliver the winning hand here, of the four aces over kings
    • And I do believe with this open source Intelligence network, this cooperative effort, we will win over the deep state
  • Day 157.1 Three Layers of SES - Awan Contra Unfolds - YouTube
    • It's day 157 part 1
    • And if you didn't see the last three episodes yesterday boy a lot happened after 6 o'clock
    • So I made several videos just sort of dissecting the SES to really understand what happened
    • And again, I always go to documents that...and official acts of Congress...to really explain what happened
    • But with the way I see it is the Senior Executive Service never really was that
    • Maybe it started out as executive service
    • But it was really a Senior Intelligence Service from the beginning, when George Bush kind of pushed it through
    • It was sort of to take over and have the Intelligence services, or Deep State, or Shadow Government, whatever you want to call it
    • I know that some people make a distinction say Dow and DuPont, maybe the shadow government in the Deep State are their hands and feet or levers in the Government
    • But you get the idea: that the Government is not beholden to the people, or the President, as the Constitution would say
    • It's beholden to these kind of Deep State owners, this kind of power elite
    • I've been talking about the power elite for quite some time
    • I think since the first day of the series
    • So that's really what it is
    • And these there's three key areas of authorization that happened inside this Senior Executive Service
    • This FBI-DEA Senior Executive Service
    • Then this DISES that happened
    • And then this this SNIS
    • And this really was the top--in the Nazi days they would call this the high command
    • This is the top level of security, I believe
    • Like the Majestic 12 level a type of security, where it's a very few insiders
    • This is the Christopher Wray, the Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Priestap, Weissman, that sort of thing
    • This is the and the or Bruce Ohr...then this mainly around drug trafficking
    • Now, what they're going to say this goes back to Mena Airport
    • This is for national security
    • We needed to run these drugs in order for these smaller nations, in order to get weapons in order for us to maintain a balance of power
    • There's all sorts of rationalizations--of why the drug trade in Pakistan was so important to take down the Soviet Union
    • Why it's so important for drug trade pretty much all over the world in terms of worldwide security and balance balance of power
    • But I go back to Deep Uranium telling me at the listening station, at the Navy listening station, at Lake Pontchartrain
    • (Punch our train I guess it's pronounced)
    • There are certain things that it would hit the radar, that they would say "sailor--that's none of your business"
    • There's certain planes that were going
    • In the beginning and in the early 80s, it was a small Barry Seal type Cessna planes
    • But quite quickly it transitioned into the heavy lift type C-130s
    • And you know now, that Hercules type, I can't remember if that's a C-147 going to Stratcom in Omaha, Nebraska
    • So very quickly this operation cycled up
    • And this hitting this level here was really institutionalizing this kind of secret trade, that you needed to be read into this program
    • And what came along with this was a program to destroy anyone who would reveal
    • This program
    • This program carried with it tremendous rewards in terms of the drug business
    • Mena Airport by itself was a hundred million dollar a month operation
    • This transition more into a billion dollar a month operation
    • This is Day 150
    • So the and this is again, American Intelligence Media said some very nice things about me, toward the end of the day
    • John Barnwell as well as Doug Gabriel, so I appreciate that
    • But then when it really expanded was this sort of night 1996, where Hillary sort of saying--"we might not win this thing..this election in '96"
    • I can't even remember who they candidate was--I'm thinking it was Bob Dole
    • But just in case, let's go ahead and authorize this thing it's just in case we're out of power
    • That way we'll have a second level of cadre
    • This is the Awan brothers level, where we're going to bring in a set of this--is almost like I think of like bringing in G4S
    • Sort of like almost the British bringing in the Hessians
    • This is a second raid of mercenaries basically being brought in, primarily, to build out this service, just in case we lose, okay?
    • But they won
    • And then the Defense Authorization Act kind of put it through
    • And then finally they kind of ran into where they filled out all these DoD positions
    • Remember these the funding here is coming from the DoD and I'll prove that in just one second
    • Where we need to build out, and use all these spots, and infiltrate across 17 different agencies
    • Not just three or four
    • This was this one was building out FBI DEA to jump here to go to NGA the National geospatial
    • NRO National Reconnaissance
    • CIA, DIA, especially DIA creating DIA
    • This one really here was establishing it across 17 different ones, and primarily increasing surveillance all along the way
    • And then increasing the business--increasing the volume of the business
    • And this maps directly with the deaths opioid deaths
    • And it Maps directly with the increasing level of purity also of the opium, and opiate, and opioid products
    • So here's just a megaupload that somebody gave me a link to
    • But I think it's very instructive
    • It's a memo from 2005
    • It was top secret at one point I'm assuming it is now, declassified
    • And I'm looking at it
    • If it is top secret still, I just want to say that I am reading this with the understanding it's not classified, I was sent a link, so I wasn't the one who did the compromise here
    • And it says here changes to the Senior Executive Service
    • And removing the levels in the Defense Information the DI there
    • And then you slightly pause, SES
    • And it's talking about someone at the NSA reporting directly to Michael Hayden
    • So this is a memo to the people of NSA saying, "hey for our SES inside NSA, we're gonna make some changes"
    • And so what it basically goes through it says "NSA originally misses (Again, 2005) had talked about a pool of candidates from this GS-15"
    • But then director Hayden Michael Hayden became convinced in 2001 that NSA was understaffed
    • So that's when they started hiring the people from other agencies
    • And just kind of helicoptering people in, without having come up through the ranks in NSA
    • And I I think this is so important that you come up through the ranks, in order to understand what's actually not only the technical confidence in communications competence with your other people that you work with, but also understanding how change can be effected, and also just a matter of loyalties
    • If you bring in somebody from another country that's unvetted, that's very different than working side by side with somebody or through crisis after crisis over 20 years, and now, you're gonna go into the Situation Room with that person, and start giving away national secrets
    • It's a much different situation especially at the NSA I can't say how important this is
    • Again, I've never worked there I know family members who have
    • So I, again, my experience here is third hand
    • But this is the memo talking about hey we we used all of our slots
    • We went to the max number, went to the the maximum number
    • And then when that level was reached on October 2014, we couldn't we couldn't authorize any more appointments here
    • So now, the director has the intention of working with the DoD to raise the level of senior executives to be named
    • And this is the continual infiltration
    • I think that's the important thing that I want to stress, is as the business became bigger, just like if you had more McDonald's and--in the early growth days of McDonald's--started in California, then it became a West Coast phenomenon
    • And then it became a nationalized phenomenon, you would add more people, you'd add more layers of Management
    • And that's exactly what happened, with the drug business
    • And again, I go back to Deep Uranium, and Lake Pontchartrain, sayingm, "there are certain things on the radar that are dark"
    • And the other thing that I'm just going through all these documents
    • And there's hundreds of documents that I received from this megaupload of all these people
    • This is this NASA guy giving out SES kind of certificates here
    • And I will just say one thing
    • And I won't talk too much to it
    • But this and again, if I'm looking at something that's classified I don't know that I am
    • But there's a lot of documents here to go through
    • Now, I don't I'm not going to just post them willy-nilly
    • If someone has any insight of whether these are still classified I would appreciate it
    • But you get what I'm saying is that it started when those organization first was announced, they don't say, "hey we're gonna start an SS"
    • We're all gonna get black outfits just like Hitler had
    • It starts out with all good intentions with good things
    • And then gradually it starts with this kind of Masonic rings that--here's the highest level of secure access program
    • Then you divided break things up--by department, so nobody knows the whole true story down here at the mercenary level
    • And then it's broken up again as it as it gets down to the 17 different units at the bottom of the pyramid
    • So the guy doing beam geospatial interpretation at NGA, doesn't know anything about the drug activity
    • All they know is those are blips that have been whited out by somebody here at this level
    • Aomebody has gone through the feed, and just basically blank those out
    • So that those are not operated on
    • Those are shot out of the sky basically
    • And this goes back to what Deep Uranium told me a long time ago, which is certain objects in the sky, as well as objects at sea (I would guess) are no questions asked
  • Day 157.2 Inspector General Vacancies - Roadmap To Scandal - YouTube
    • It's day 157.2
    • And this is a March 2018 report about the vacancies vacancies here in the inspector general's offices
    • They're supposed to be about 64 inspectors general in the different departments
    • These are the key investigators of the investigator to investigators to eliminate a waste fraud and abuse in the Federal government
    • Now, here are the departments listed by length of vacancy
    • You can see here Department of Interior
    • You can read this Uranium One Uranium One Uranium One, the BLM being a part of the Department of the Interior
    • That is gone the longest without the inspector general
    • So I'm going to say that that is China China China, as far as deals go with forest reserves
    • And then also Russia Russia Russia with Uranium One type minerals deals, through Canada
    • Always through Canada
    • It's always going to be through an intermediary
    • Exim Bank--the Export Import Bank is important we looked at a Senior Executive Service there the other day
    • These are multiplies identities with Senate confirmation almost four years now
    • Again, this goes up now, it's almost six years
    • Now, for Department of Interior right
    • So Department of Energy with the Saipov truckers
    • We know that's a big one
    • Department of Defense Department of Defense almost two years
    • We're spending a record amount on the flying F-35 flying pigs squadron, yet no Inspector General
    • The huge increase we just had in the budget there
    • OPM, this makes me think of Mike McMahan, right, with FBI saying 665,000 went through with no vetting
    • Now, that is that a good situation?
    • We're going to get to Andy McCabe and the GCHQ desk over at Fort Washington and Fort Meade here in a second, maybe the Navy Yard Postal Service
    • Again, how many are how many postal employees are being diverted to other things that's the key there is whatever they say they are you are inevitably going to be some departments some silent employees some employees working off-site they're actually doing different things that shouldn't Social Security and
    • Now, you can see NSA this is gonna be Doug Gabriel's old department here at NSA right
    • I've met I can't count how many people I've met from NSA and interviews that conducted at NSA
    • But anyway the Small Business Administration--we've talked about that 8A firms
    • And the kind of the GSA
    • This is the kind of the Freytag insider GSA
    • We're gonna do portal don't worry we'll take care of it
    • You got the Election Commission which is scary in and of itself
    • Then HUD
    • And then we just lost the Tennessee Valley Authority
    • I don't know if that's Uranium One or megatons to megawatts
    • But this almost reads like all the scandals that are about ready to break
    • In the order that they're gonna break
    • It's almost an amazing--just by vacancies, is gonna tell you almost what the order of scandals and how they're gonna break
    • Let's go drill down now, a little bit
    • Here's Andy McCabe saying he's confused
    • This is where he's confused about when he talked to reporters
    • He's gonna be even more confused when we talk about Fort Washington, Navy Yard and Fort Meade, and the GCHQ desk--I'll explain what I mean
    • So this is the Navy Yard
    • I've said building 213, underground building there, was where the Awans worked, along with Rao and company, potentially is one area
    • Now, could be that they worked from home out in Springfield
    • And then came in to the Navy Yard when they needed to get into the SCIF
    • So we don't know that
    • They could have been working at NGA in Springfield, or out in the secure facility out there, with JTTF, that's possible
    • And then only coming in to the Navy Yard for access to SIPRnet
    • Did they have access to the SIPR secure net out there?
    • Could they access the SIPRnet if they just went to TISCOM the TISCOM over here in down along the Potomac over here
    • We don't know, we don't know exactly
    • The National Harbor is obviously going to play a big role in Five Eyes, because that's where we're going to give our data over here to G4S
    • G4S is going to probably be our contractor for food inspection all over the world, for DHS
    • That's where you're gonna have the drugs
    • That's where the drug inspection line especially for the Halal meat, and potentially also fruits and vegetables
    • But here's the for just reference purposes here's where that famous Hawkshead drive is is where I find...[the Blackberries]
    • There's the auto train right choo choo get ready--here comes another load of weapons, Deep Uranium depleted small missiles, in the trunk
    • Thanks Alpha giallo Jalloh, we'll talk to you later
    • That's all down here fort belvoir of course--and Andre Taggart fame the Defense Logistics Agency
    • So this just for reference here
    • So we've got the National Harbor we've got the Navy Yard
    • Now, the other one I wanted to introduce you
    • You've been introduced by Macduff, who by the way he said, his father was the highest-ranking guy at the Pentagon
    • But there were at 1971, there was no GS 17 18 19, he was a GS 17 or 18 19 equivalent something like that, very high up, highest-ranking civilian in the Pentagon
    • No no retirement program whatsoever
    • But here's Fort Washington that I if you remember me going down the Potomac
    • And then shooting that from the river it's because it's easiest way to access it
    • Of course here's Fort Hood here's Ryan Hart gallon here's all that Nazi art that we found
    • So this is really kind of a tour de force in with a map
    • Here's Joint Base Andrews with Tuskeegee Airmen memorial over there a lot of
    • I've talked to a lot of G12s, 13s at work there
    • Also the bowling Air Force Base bowling
    • And here somewhere right in here somewhere of course Anacostia DHS, right in here
    • So I've spent a lot of time researching this
    • But this facility here, it's interesting because it came out on CRYPTOME
    • And this came out a while ago a friend of mine who used to work at it she had NSA told me about this site
    • He's relative of mine I think
    • And we told me about this site with CRYPTOME
    • And CRYPTOME has all these things saying hey there's a CI under undercover research facility at this site here at River Road ten five thirty River Road
    • Well this is supposedly where the hammer is
    • That's the hammer here's the gate there's a bunch of grass you don't really see much there's the gate there
    • The hammer is if you recall is where supposedly John Brennan and James clapper have the illegal ways of listening in on conversations
    • Is that where Andy had the Awans listening in the conversations at the GCHQ desk?
    • Or did he have them in Fort Meade?
    • Or did he have him over at JTTF in Springfield
    • We don't know the answer to that yet
    • But they're gonna be one of those locations
    • Now, everyone says, oh wait a minute, "it's the interagency training center it's the ITC"
    • So this used to be big secrets now, everyone, says oh yeah Fort Washington is where we train all of our interdepartmental folks
    • We haven't shown you that yet
    • But I like going to the map, and just showing how this stuff goes from oh this is a conspiracy theory to oh well by the way actually it is what the reality is
    • So if you want to see that again, on the map, go right back to the map here
    • This is this place right here from across from Fort Washington
    • Oxen Hill of course is where Macduff's office was
    • That's up there high on that hill by the casino let's launder some money today we'll put it right through the MGM casino there
    • And that is your geo allocating wrap-up for this morning
  • Day 157.3. Whistleblower Sunday - Reinstating Robyn Gritz - YouTube
    • It's day 157
    • And this is whistleblower Sunday
    • We won't be at the Capitol today
    • So JK all those waiting to hear JK splendid voice unless maybe we go over later
    • But we are going to go meet with Macduff
    • Macduff, if do you remember, his father was the highest-ranking civilian at the Pentagon in 1971
    • No SES for him
    • Even though he was probably the most qualified man to ever serve in the FBI, as far as cleaning up the FBI, and also the CIA primarily
    • But anyway we're gonna have that whistleblower
    • We're gonna have obviously Task Force
    • And we're going to be asking Task Force for a special endorsement today, to ask a third whistleblower a favor
    • And part of it
    • Well I should just say is to reinstate Robyn Gritz at her back pay
    • But Task Force is also going to be asking something else, hopefully
    • At the meeting we want to propose that she has at the Trump White House, with Donald Trump
  • Day 157.4. What Level Clearance Does Trump’s Daily Briefer Have? - YouTube
    • Day 157 part 4
    • This was such a happenstance
    • This is why I loved taking Lyft
    • Our guy with taskforce and I was CIA
    • CIA contractor that is
    • I know there's some people get really touchy about that
    • Yeah CIA contractor I won't say what kind of contractor
    • But he worked a lot at Langley
    • And he also ended up working a lot for ONI--Office of Navy Intelligence--Suitland, here in Maryland
    • And he was telling us all the procedures to go through...and--all the different badges that go through a badge to get another badge to get another badge
    • But the funny it's the funny little stuff that comes in on these sides, which is like
    • "Well they never would let us do an invoice directly to the CIA, never"
    • "It was always ACG--the American government--you know or USG, USG US govt US government"
    • So I thought that was funny
    • But he said that they would walk by the Reader boards in the operations room all the time
    • Not actually in the operations, where all the drone strikes are and all that
    • But you could see the through the glass
    • And they said eyes down--do not look at the--the board
    • But I just thought that it was an interesting story, if somebody's actually been in the CIA
    • I've never been there I know I think I might know somebody who has been, I don't know, anyway
    • So that leads us to the next question which is:
    • "How is it really set up? What level of clearances does the CIA have?"
    • "And does the CIA have a higher level of security clearance than the president?"
    • Now, someone said that that Doug Gabriel over at AIM had a Q level clearance at the NSA
    • {{ 911: Top Secret Secure Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) 'NSA CRYPTO clearance', even higher than Q I believe (Q is specifically DOE) }}
    • So I knew he was at NSA
    • But I didn't know he had a Q level clearance
    • Now, it's my understanding the president has a Q level clearance
    • {{ 911: Doug said his clearance was higher than the presidents is now }}
    • So that would be an interesting question
    • In order to give that president his daily briefing, like John ran Brennan used to do for Obama
    • And oh by the way, if you if you have a kidney need, you could go to China or Homen Square
    • U.S. Marshals will bring somebody fresh, for an interrogation
    • And get get all set up you don't need to join a dialysis anymore here in Fort Washington
    • But anyway the presidential daily briefing
    • You would think that that person would have to have a higher clearance
    • Now, I have one person telling me, Deep Uranium, who worked with a lot of people with high-level clearances, that there is the letters of the alphabet
    • So Romeo Sierra tango jumps past you for some reason (because I guess doesn't sound tough enough) then victory then Majestic 12
    • Now, the Majestic 12 just for people who think it's fake or whatever somehow it got associated with UFOs
    • I don't know why
    • There's a little like a Barry seal pic of Barry seal when in the early days of in the early days of Mena Airport that was probably about the right size
    • So anyway back to clearances if we go with with that concept majestic 12 probably would still be in place
    • Now, who was one of the first who were the first two guys on majestic 12 well one of them was VanDerveer Bush Vannevar Bush first guy first guy listed
    • Second guy listed was Forestall, got thrown out of the Bethesda hospital where we did a show earlier
    • So the question for the day now, that I just had the CIA a ride here and the kind of the inside story of the CIA as far as--walking around ONI the Office of Navy Intelligence--is what level clearance is the highest level of clearance?
    • And does the majestic 12 still exist?
  • Day 157.5. Battle of Fort Washington - YouTube
    • {{ 911 Going to lazy transcribe this one }}
    • So it's day 157 this is part five
    • And here we are with Macduff
    • MD: Hey George good to see you
    • And here we are we're gonna little take you through history now, there's the Potomac right keep critical part of the Potomac here where the bend is right?
    • MD: absolutely
    • I'll get you down to one level we're dancers
    • So what now, you let's take you back 1812 Washington has burned well yes if you if you want to talk about Washington is burned 1814
    • And it's the 24th of August of 1814
    • That big city up north there called Washington got burned on that day
    • So now, I'm living in Alexandria Virginia, and these damned British had already come up here
    • They'd already got the ships up there they just ripped off 25 of our ships
    • They took all of our they didn't take the women thank goodness
    • But they took the wine they took the flour
    • And they took the what else well they took the ships age of 25 ships--those are big money
    • So they're they're all gone
    • Now, here is where we tell a good state story about the Navy right because the Navy well you tell a story
    • We got two guys I think that become Army
    • Navy becomes Army
    • MD: here's the situation George of course everyone that could be conscripted or brought into the fight has already long been since brought into it
    • And in fact the guys that were taken down here at the little bitty fort at the bottom there which was you know
    • Now, that was all they had back then
    • There was only 50 some of them, and up comes the flotilla of British ships
    • As I recall there's about 20 or 30 of them including two frigates and some bomb ships
    • And these ships came up the river and the real controversy of Fort Washington was did Captain Dyson blow up the fort because it was the right thing to do as a military matter
    • Or did he blow up the fort because he was afraid of all those big British ships coming up in his direction
    • G: I hear Dyson did the right thing he had only 55 guys had only been here two weeks it to change the underwear
    • And all of a sudden here here comes 50 British ships right at you
    • MD: Absolutely well anyway the point is that by this time Washington has already burned the ships have
    • Now, passed Port Washington here
    • And have gone up to the prize which is Alexandria City which is up here to that direction
    • And the city of Alexandria was where they acquired all their loot
    • And they took the 23 American ships yeah in tow
    • And were sailing them down in the south here when
    • That's when the big Naval brigade comes along
    • G: Now, let me stop you right there. You're gonna remember two famous phrases there's probably only two phrases you remember as one is don't give up a ship right that's Decatur yeah true
    • And then there's another guy named Perry
    • And he's a damn the torpedoes full speed ahead
    • MD: no that was the other war it was uh it was Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry the hero of the Lake Erie
    • And Stephen Decatur um
    • And the two each had American frigates
    • But the frigates had been bottled into port up in Philadelphia
    • And I believe in in Baltimore this Navy was useless because of the overwhelming power of the British Navy
    • So what did they do well they didn't just sit there they all got off of their ships
    • And marched together in a big Naval brigade they marched down here to right there in this area one side went one part under Admiral or captain Decatur went over to the Virginia side
    • And ran down this side of the river as you can see right down there by for hunts to fight hard killing right with Nazis past fort hunt to actually to the next port which is fort belvoir for billboard raids hey Gert how you doing you're talked about many times yeah
    • And in Fort Belvoir there is a big high bluff that they knew about and
    • So test
    • So Decatur
    • And all the guys that had been here at Fort Washington
    • And there's many other Navy guys as they could get went down there
    • And set up a battery at Fort Belvoir just as the British squadron is trying to scoot down the Potomac yeah well when they get to that point they come under a bombardment from Decatur's Navy brigade
    • And this stops them in their tracks until why can I only envision Aundre Taggart pulling the cannon and--becoming the Marines he's probably the first Marine with some reason no Navy where they going on land aren't they Marines the point is that Marines are going to be coming up that Bluff
    • And attacking those cannons that are shooting at at Commodore Gordon the British Commodore ships
    • But what happens is Gordon comes up with a great idea
    • And he does one of those oratio Hornblower numbers where he saves the day by putting all of his ballast all of his cannons
    • And everything else that he can push over to the left side of his ship which causes his ship to tilt up just enough
    • So that the cannons that he still has on the right hand side can fire up
    • And dislodge the American battery
    • And that's the first thing that they had to do to get
    • So that's how he gets by the first one he got Decatur Stephen damn the torpedoes Falls no Stephen don't give up the ship Decatur I think that was Perry that didn't give up
    • But what perry did was here it's on the other side it's here on a Maryland side
    • And he goes down south to the little town of Indian Head tart Owings from our table base there
    • Now, Naval base Indian Head Naval Base
    • And when it gets down to any an head after--the horse-drawn battery that he's able to get down there sets it on artillery flying artillery just as the British squadron is still just barely getting by
    • And then some of their ships get stuck down there on the shoals tell me the British get a good thrashing yeah we let our capital burn let's give them a good French no British got away George Oh cheats I thought this is gonna be a good one no well it is a good one because of this because of all of this la that was created in the British trying to escape down the river the American troops had enough time to concentrate at Baltimore and
    • So by the time that Commodore Gordon rejoined the British fleet
    • And they were able to sail into Baltimore on I believe the 27th no no in September in September they got in the bottom by that time there was fifteen or twenty thousand American militia troops
    • And they were all well entrenched
    • And ready for the British
    • So when the British got to Baltimore the star-spangled banner flew all night right Francis Scott Key wrote the anthem
    • And the British went back the way they came that's history ladies
    • And gentlemen well thank you very much Macduff left-handed handshake left-handed salute thank you sorry I missed on those quotes there the captain no that's it
    • And thanks to Macduff
    • And the reason why we're here today is Whistleblower Sunday
    • And we'll talk to you a little bit more about that in a minute
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (5/1/16)

Wheeling High School student's artwork to be on display in U.S. Capitol for one year (Daily Herald)
Elgin computer programmer gets break, becomes Neil Diamond tribute artist in Las Vegas (Daily Herald)
DuPage spends about twice what other collar counties do on courthouse security because they use sworn sheriff's officers, whereas others use lower-paid security officers (Daily Herald)
Growth at Gary Chicago International Airport offers hope for city hurt by economic downturn (Chicago Tribune)
Activists protest outside Zion gun store located on Sheridan Road (Chicago Tribune/Lake County Sun-News)
Morton Arboretum leader, drumming up support for Arbor Day, talks about how important trees are to urbanized areas (WBBM AM 780)
Ex-boyfriend charged in murder of Merrillville woman, he and his current girlfriend charged with felony fraud for using dead woman's food-assistance benefits and selling her car (CBS 2)
Three-car accident at Arlington Heights Road and Euclid Avenue sends two people to hospital (Daily Herald)
Ground broken for Pepper Road Pathway in Lake Barrington (Daily Herald)
Race at McHenry County College brings out superheroes to benefit variety of charities (Daily Herald)
Bishop of Diocese of Gary says St. Mary of the Lake Church, once threatened with closure, to remain open (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
DuPage, Will coroners: Naperville fentanyl death forebodes potentially 'catastrophic' year (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Bartlett Village Board approves $53.6 million budget (Daily Herald)
Opinions split over effectiveness of slate of candidates elected to Long Grove Village Board (Daily Herald)
Indian Prairie Unit School District 204, whose three high schools have won 16 Grammy Awards, places a focus on the arts; other suburban districts have won awards since 1999 (Daily Herald)
Elgin, Barrington students aim to log 5 million minutes of physical activity in the classroom (Daily Herald)
Communities work to replace trees lost in battle with emerald ash borer (Chicago Tribune)
Palatine-based Community Consolidated School District 15 approves 10-year teachers contract (Chicago Tribune)
Drunken driver from Chicago also arrested for punching, spitting on Riverside officer (Chicago Sun-Times)
Suburban Cook County still seeing depressed house prices; Blue Island home prices down an average of 47.2 percent since housing bubble burst (Crain's Chicago Business)
Will County holds community summit about the threat heroin poses (WBBM AM 780)
Gary man released from jail after DNA evidence clears him of 1989 rape (CBS 2)
Two people sent to hospital after vehicle they were in crashed into a wall outside Libertyville Starbucks (Daily Herald)
Handful of visitors turn out for wreath-laying in honor of 45 people killed in 1946 train crash in Naperville (Daily Herald)
A first for Illinois Supreme Court: Hearing oral arguments at a school, Benedictine University in Lisle, on May 19 (Daily Herald)
Naperville woman's defense team to claim insanity in murder of son, another child (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Alleged sex-abuse victim sues Hastert, claiming breech of contract for failing to pay in full $3.5 million promised to keep deal quiet (Chicago Tribune)
Developer plans new hotel near former Purple Hotel property in Lincolnwood while another developer struggles with finances to redevelop land (Chicago Tribune/Lincolnwood Review)
Woodstock police trying to determine who put a weeks-old puppy in a pillow case, taped it shut, then abandoned it near a busy road (Chicago Tribune)
Two men shot at Aurora gas station; police suspect shooting was gang-related (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
Stone Park man shot to death in Melrose Park; case under investigation (Chicago Tribune)
Elmhurst fifth-grader recognized for saving young sister from drowning (Chicago Tribune)
Two Round Lake teens arrested for allegedly burglarizing neighbor's house, taking jewelry, alcohol and tobacco products (Chicago Tribune/Lake County Sun-News)
Shorewood man charged in late-night motorcycle accident that killed pedestrian, another biker on Illinois Route 59 (Chicago Sun-Times)
Sauk Village treasurer charged with embezzling money from village's police pension fund by issuing fraudulent checks to himself (Chicago Sun-Times)
Police investigate two separate drive-by shootings at same house in Plainfield (CBS 2)
Crete native on his way to NFL draft visits elementary school which he attended (WGN TV)
Geneva School District 304 schedules forum for May 3 to discuss objections to proposed TIF district (Daily Herald)
Mundelein Village Board OKs one-year extension to firefighters' contract, $54.9 million budget (Daily Herald)
Lightning strike damages Vernon Hills townhouse building, displaces four families (Daily Herald)
Yorkville man killed in two-truck crash on I-88 near Naperville during evening rush hour (Daily Herald)
Man killed when his car is struck while stopped unexpectedly on Illinois Route 173 outside Van Patten Forest Preserve near Zion (Daily Herald)
Task force recommends Glen Ellyn Elementary School District 41 build permanent addition to Hadley Junior High (Daily Herald)
Police seek man who robbed Oswego convenience store at gunpoint on Saturday (Chicago Sun-Times)
Illinois, Indiana reach deal that will fund revamped environmental study for controversial Illiana Expressway (Crain's Chicago Business)
Oak Park police issue warning after attempted child abduction at Fox Park (ABC 7)
Two men posing as utility workers steal jewelry from Palatine home (Daily Herald)
Naperville City Council approves 39-unit apartment building near 5th Avenue Metra station (Daily Herald)
Vernon Hills-based Hawthorn Elementary District 73 formulating facilities plan as enrollment continues to grow (Daily Herald)
DuPage County Board considering raises for board members, some countywide elected officials (Daily Herald)
Board chairman announces plans to consolidate DuPage Election Commission, DuPage County Clerk's Office (Daily Herald)
Roselle man sentenced to 2 months in jail, 2 years of probation for head-butting Metra conductor (Daily Herald)
Evanston Township High School District 65 commits to change how system treats minorities (Chicago Tribune)
[Debate over whether two aldermen were in Harvey City Council meeting leaves officials wondering whether they passed ordinance giving city ability to collect property taxes](www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-harvey-levy-fight-met-20160426-story.html) (Chicago Tribune)
Owner of Evanston's Dave's Italian Kitchen close to signing lease to open new restaurant in town (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Federal Reserve Chairman speaks at Northwestern University; says reforms following Great Recession are improving things, but doesn't address whether they will prevent future financial crises (Chicago Tribune)
Teacher from Joliet elementary school competes on 'Jeopardy!' (Chicago Tribune)
I-55 crash near Bolingbrook claims life of Coal City man (Chicago Sun-Times)
Hebron man dead after his car crashes into tree (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cook County jury awards $22.7 million to widow of man killed by allegedly drugged driver on I-294 near Roosevelt Road four years ago (Chicago Sun-Times)
Springfield man, a convicted murderer, arrested for failing to register his address following tip that he was staying at PADS facilities in Kendall County (Chicago Sun-Times)
Driver, passenger taken to hospital after car they were in hit a pole, a building in Oak Lawn (Chicago Sun-Times)
DuPage County acknowledges its roll in African-American history, notably Graue Mill's participation in the Underground Railroad (WBBM AM 780)
Neighbor charged in stabbing deaths of two people in Lyons assisted-living facility, following argument over allegedly property taken by one of the victims (ABC 7)
Harvard announces the sale of former Motorola plant (Chicago Tribune)
Forest View woman charged with intentionally crashing her car into ex-boyfriend's in Riverside in order to make him talk to her (Chicago Sun-Times)
FBI: West Chicago bank robbed at gunpoint (Chicago Sun-Times)
Gary teen charged with battery after hitting mother during argument (Chicago Sun-Times)
Event planner proposes banquet hall for former Cubby Bear North sports bar in Lincolnshire (Daily Herald)
Rolling Meadows City Council rejects rezoning, meaning mosque can't move to proposed location (Daily Herald)
Woodland Elementary School District 50 board fires lunch monitor accused of shoving student to floor (Daily Herald)
Some legislators wary of governor's proposal to allow private company to build lanes on Stevenson Expressway (I-55) between I-355 and I-90/94 interchanges (Crain's Chicago Business)
Three Chicago-area Congressmen pen letter to city of Chicago urging the reopening of a diagonal runway at O'Hare Airport; state Senator, leader of O'Hare watchdog group say the letter is a first step to addressing Wood Dale residents' concerns (WBBM AM 780)
Customers turn out to support owner of Schaumburg hobby store, where a burglar stole $5,000 worth of merchandise (NBC 5)
Overturned semi blocks northbound lanes of Indiana State Road 49 near Chesterton, causing backup on I-94 (ABC 7)
Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months in prison for violating bank laws; judge calls him a 'serial child molester' for actions that led to hush-money case (Chicago Tribune)
Former Wheaton College president passes away at 89 from complications of lung cancer (Chicago Tribune)
U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton touts need for American manufacturing jobs during visit to Munster Steel plant (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
DuPage County treasurer says property owners can expect 2.52 percent increase in taxes (Daily Herald)
Metra hires architect to start on remodel of Libertyville station (Daily Herald)
New liquor-license category will allow three Aurora restaurants to reduce late-night kitchen operations while still selling alcohol (Daily Herald)
Algonquin's Founders' Days festival (July 28-31) to return to Towne Park downtown, after three years at a neighborhood park (Daily Herald)
Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police names Batavia detective Most Outstanding Officer of the Year (Daily Herald)
Arlington Heights man charged with residential burglary, unlawful videotaping after installing a video camera in neighbors' apartment (Daily Herald)
Deadline for Miss, Junior Miss and Little Miss Libertyville pageants is May 12 (Daily Herald)
Carpentersville man reels in estimated 50-inch muskie on Fox River below the Algonquin dam (WBBM AM 780)
Calumet Park man shot in chest, dies at the corner of 125th and South Paulina in Calumet City (Chicago Sun-Times)
Ex-Addison, ex-Elk Grove Village police officer, now living in Ohio, charged with wife's shooting death (Chicago Sun-Times)
LaSalle County man wanted in Kendall County for disorderly conduct, retail theft, failure to appear in court arrested in San Diego, Calif. (Chicago Sun-Times)
Johnsburg couple's plan to renew their vows in Las Vegas hits turbulence; calling a purported Spirit Airlines representative, not the carrier itself, and rebooking flight costs them $840 (NBC 5)
Hampshire resident opens specialty grocery store in East Dundee (Daily Herald)
Tensions between Rolling Meadows police officers, former chief appear to be behind his earlier-than-planned retirement (Daily Herald)
Students from Youth Leadership Academy urge Elgin to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day (Daily Herald)
Evanston, Mitchell Museum of the American Indian team up to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day on the city's calendar (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Richton Park couple to appear on Spike TV's 'Life or Debt' show on Sunday (Chicago Tribune)
State administrative appeals judge finds that former College of DuPage controller didn't engage in misconduct or intentionally violate school policy (Chicago Tribune)
Police: Evanston Township High School student brought unloaded semi-automatic gun to school (Chicago Tribune)
Elgin man arrested for robbing a person at knifepoint in Elgin, using stolen credit card (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cicero minister sentenced to 5 years in prison for bilking federal program for child care out of $900,000 (Chicago Sun-Times)
Lake Bluff-based Abbott Labs acquires St. Jude Medical Inc. for $25 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
Sons of Union Veterans to install markers on Civil War graves in Oswego cemetery; dedication scheduled for May 7 (WBBM AM 780)
Man found dead inside bathroom at North Riverside Kohl's store (WGN TV)
Learn how to create an edible forest garden on May 7 at Resiliency Institute in Naperville (Daily Herald)
Glen Ellyn Village Board approves bringing back Intelligentsia Cup cycling race (Daily Herald)
Round Lake church volunteer sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual abuse of teen boy (Daily Herald)
Disbarred Naperville attorney given nearly 5-year sentence, has to pay $240,000 for her part in mortgage scheme that cost lenders, homeowners $725,000 (Daily Herald)
Former Cubs, Sox players — including Ozzie Guillen — to participate in charity softball game on Sept. 10 at Boomers Stadium in Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
Man sent to prison for 20 years after abusing boys at Mooseheart School fighting state's attempt to have him committed indefinitely as sexually dangerous person (Daily Herald)
Allegations made of Evanston Township High School staff stealing from students' lockers; video surfaces online (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Body found down embankment at Cline and 5th avenues in Gary ID'd as that of uncle of murdered Burbank man; uncle was shot to death (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
Lincoln-Way High School District 210 releases capital-projects list, enumerating $4.65 million in work that needs to be done (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
Naperville residents demand changing name of 'Hassert Boulevard,' mistaking street's appellation for former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert; Bolingbrook posts explanation on its website differentiating names (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Crystal Lake man arrested for providing morphine pills to woman who died of an overdose in March (Chicago Sun-Times)
Woman reports attempted kidnapping after man helped change a car tire in the parking lot at Home Depot on Randall Road in South Elgin (Chicago Sun-Times)
Judge approves sale of Ameristar Casino in East Chicago to trust, which will lease the building back to owner's subsidiary (Times of Northwest Indiana)
Rest of litter related to puppy found inside taped-up pillow case turned over to Gilberts animal-rescue center (WBBM AM 780)
Wood Dale Bank and Trust robbed (CBS 2)
Driver, two students from Homer Glen school bus taken to hospital following accident in which a car pulled out in front of the bus in Lockport; driver, passenger in car also hospitalized (CBS 2)
Illinois attorney general calls to eliminate statute of limitations on felony sexual assaults and sex crimes against children (NBC 5)
Major construction projects in Indiana include Interstate 94 from Illinois to Michigan; state police plan extra patrols for work zones and won't issue warnings (WGN TV)
Police/fire pensions eat into Mount Prospect's budget surplus, prompting the village to examine proposed tax increase (Daily Herald)
Glenbard High School District 87, Glen Ellyn police investigate threat made against Glenbard West on social media, despite it being declared 'unfounded' (Daily Herald)
West Chicago Community High School basketball player a finalist for U.S. Army and Pro Football Hall of Fame's award of excellence (Daily Herald)
Des Plaines Elementary School District 62 expecting loss of 250 students over the next eight years, then enrollment expected to stabilize (Daily Herald)
18-year-old Naperville man already facing charges of battery and misuse of a weapon now accused of sexual abuse of a teenage girl (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Two youth-home workers in Lake Villa indicted in 'choke-hold' death of boy (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Zion man charged with robbing Northbrook store at knifepoint while he was wearing women's clothing (Chicago Sun-Times)
Switching delays cause delays on four Metra lines on Friday morning (Chicago Sun-Times)
Arlington Heights Elementary School District 25 begins planning for Thomas Middle School addition (Daily Herald)
Sugar Ray, Everclear, Lit and Sponge to appear on stage at Naperville's Last Fling as part of Summerland Tour (Daily Herald)
Village sets up Go Gurnee campaign to encourage residents to walk 30 minutes a day during May (Daily Herald)
Zion police arrest four people for beating a man and two women, shooting a woman in Wadsworth (Daily Herald)
Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 policy group recommends against creating written regarding transgender students' bathroom acesss (Daily Herald)
Coombs Road bridge north of Elgin to remain closed as result of 'age-related damage' (Daily Herald)
Lake County state's attorney says no charges will be filed against Zion police officer in shooting of mentally-ill man (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Former Wheaton College student pleas guilty to secretly videotaping three coeds in college-owned apartment (Chicago Tribune)
Man robs Ben Franklin Bank branch in Arlington Heights (Chicago Sun-Times)
La Crosse, Ind., man dies after being shot in Chicago Heights (Chicago Sun-Times)
Yorkville man charged with stealing credit cards from Plano YMCA locker last year (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cook County clerk to let stand disputed Harvey vote on property-tax ordinance (Chicago Tribune)
Arlington International Racecourse, Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association reach deal, just days before facility set to reopen for season (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
Former Barrington High School football player, college student from Elgin cast on MTV matchmaking series (Chicago Tribune)
Operator of Downers Grove charity charged with falsely reporting that a woman did community service, accepted $300 in exchange (Chicago Sun-Times)
Preservationist questions Lake County Forest Preserve District's plan to move Discovery Museum from Wauconda to Libertyville (Daily Herald)
Ivy Hill Elementary School in Arlington Heights celebrates 50th anniversary (Daily Herald)
GrubHub has expanded service to Evanston, Northbrook, Park Ridge and Skokie; plans to add Naperville and Schaumburg in coming week (Crain's Chicago Business)
1,216-student Calumet City School District 155 paying superintendent $413,219 annually (CBS 2)
Elderly driver makes turn, crashes into a bakery and a salon in Bridgeview, then drives off; he later turned himself into police (CBS 2)
Former Roman Catholic priest who once served in Naperville found guilty of sexual abuse of students while he taught at a Michigan high school (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Former Bear Desmond Clark claims Vernon Hills school has 'racist culture' (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Couple from unincorporated Homer Township (Will County) dead in apparent murder-suicide (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
Huntley police searching for man who held up a 7-Eleven with a handgun (Daily Herald)
Elgin teen facing felony residential burglary charge for entering a house by tearing open a window screen (Daily Herald)
Des Plaines man struck, killed by semi truck after getting out of his car, which had been involved in a multi-vehicle crash (Daily Herald)
Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department rescues ducklings from storm drain (Daily Herald)
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Mass. ballot questions for Nov. 2016: Charter schools, marijuana, farm animal cruelty, and 2nd slot parlor

BOSTON – Massachusetts voters will see four questions on their ballot when they head inside the polling booth in November.
Bill Galvin, the state's elections chief, assigned numbers to the ballot questions on Monday.
Here they are:
QUESTION 1. Expanding slot machine gaming. A "yes" vote would allow a second slots parlor to exist in Massachusetts. The 2011 gambling law currently allows for up to three resort casinos and one slots parlor. The slots parlor license is owned by Penn National Gaming, which operates Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville.
The Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday rejected an attempt to block a ballot question that would allow a second slots parlor in Massachusetts.
QUESTION 2. Charter school expansion. The question, if approved, would let state education officials approve up to 12 new charter schools a year.
Charter school advocates are pushing for a ballot initiative that would expand the number of charter schools allowed in Massachusetts by up to 12 per year, even in districts like Springfield that are currently bumping up against a state cap.
QUESTION 3. Conditions for farm animals. This question, if approved, would phase out what advocates say are "extreme" methods of farm animal confinement.
The SJC allowed a ballot question to go forward that would ban the sale of meat or eggs from confined animals in Massachusetts and would ban the confinement of animals at Massachusetts farms.
QUESTION 4. Legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana. If voters say "yes," Massachusetts will join Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington state and District of Columbia in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
The Supreme Judicial Court said in an opinion Wednesday that a proposed ballot question legalizing marijuana can proceed to the November 2016 ballot. A group of 57 voters argued in a lawsuit that the court should knock down the question pushed by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.
The groups pushing the proposals filed the last round of signatures last week. They were required to file 10,792 in the final round of signatures in order to make it onto the ballot.
"Secretary Galvin assigned the numbers to the ballot questions based on the length of the questions and spacing on the ballots that are printed in multiple languages," Galvin's office said in a release.
Galvin's office will soon send out, through the mail, an "Information for Voters" booklet, providing a more detailed breakdown of the ballot questions.
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (8/7/16)

· 1. Motorola Solutions sells remaining land in Schaumburg to Chicago-based UrbanStreet Group (Daily Herald)
· 2. Huntley Community School District 158 to provide Chromebooks for all high school students (Daily Herald)
· 3. Drunk driver hits motorcycle, injuring rider on Route 47 near Woodstock (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 4. Additions to three Elgin Area Unit School District U-46 elementary schools to be ready for school Aug. 17 (Daily Herald)
· 5. Fox River Initiative asks Kane County Board to fund programs that divert mentally ill from jail to treatment, expand police training (Daily Herald)
· 6. Aurora real-estate broker launches business that gives to charity that supports parents whose children pass away (Daily Herald)
· 7. Mother, daughter killed in three-vehicle crash on Grand Avenue near Bensenville (CBS 2)
· 8. World Relief DuPage Aurora allows 100 immigrants into citizenship clinic (Chicago Tribune)
· 9. Inmate found dead Saturday morning in Crown Point's Kimbrough Center (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 10. Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission installs its own electric-car-charging station, part of 159-station chain (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Lowell official calls for changes to how Lake County maps TIF districts, which may include properties that towns don't know about (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 12. Hobart denies resident's request for kennel license, but that doesn't stop her from trap-spay-release of feral cats on her 1.5-acre property (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 13. Merrillville officials to look into crime, suspicious activities at recently-reopened Deluxe Inn (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 14. Lowell gets second try at funding for solar-energy project at its sewage-treatment plant (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 15. Portage Police Department accepting applications for probationary patrol officers through Sept. 7 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 16. Eastbound Hawley Street in Mundelein reopened after construction (Daily Herald)
· 17. Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy in Glenview expands offerings to include EMS, police, public works training (Chicago Tribune/Skokie Review)
· 18. Illinois Attorney General settles lawsuit against Barrington Mobil station over January gasoline spill for $20,000 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 18. Bridgeview-based used-car dealer Midway Autohaus considering location in Sleepy Hollow (Daily Herald)
· 20. Dundee Township Park District's first spray park opens in West Dundee (Daily Herald)
· 21. Chicago Cubs' second baseman Addison Russell to appear at Addison Goodwill store on Monday, Aug. 8 (CBS 2)
· 22. Anti-slavery organization SOS Enclaves addresses African slavery during event at Islamic Center of Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 23. Founders of PrivateBancorp return to Chicago area to take up positions with Aurora-based Old Second National Bank (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 24. Homeowners in Naperville subdivision claim mist from retention pond is toxic and making them sick (ABC 7)
· 25. Confrontation between motorcyclist, truck driver caught on camera in Aurora (ABC 7)
· 26. Illinois Department of Employment Security: Former College of DuPage controller deserves unemployment benefits (Chicago Tribune)
· 27. Schaumburg motorcyclist killed in crash while trying to pass a turning car near Sugar Grove (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 28. OSHA cites UPS facility in Addison for death of worker from Lansing in February (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 29. Truck from Channahon-based Allstar Trucking involved in deadly crash on I-80 near Ottawa (ABC 7)
· 30. Man in custody following robbery of Manhattan gun shop (New Lenox Patch)
· 31. Calumet City approves $60 million budget, roughly $3.7 million decrease from 2016 budget (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 32. LaPorte County Planning Commission OKs permit to build 4-acre lake to man with contract to sell sand being removed from land (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 33. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducting more-thorough investigation of lead contamination at East Chicago housing complex (CBS 2)
· 34. East Chicago City Councilman Juda Parks resigns, won't fight Lake County judge's decree that city employees can't also hold elected positions (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 35. Griffith man sentenced to 2 years in prison for his part in 'card-cracking' bank fraud scheme (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 36. Public-safety agencies are now using drones to monitor fires, search for suspects (WBBM AM 780)
· 37. Illinois Secretary of State to resume mailing out license-plate renewal notices (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 38. One person dead, one wounded in shooting outside North Chicago gas station (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 39. New Trier High School graduate Charlie Tilson traded to Chicago White Sox, eager to play at U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago Tribune/Winnetka Talk)
· 40. Evanston removes rules, fees on taxis to level the playing field with Uber, Lyft (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 41. Buffalo Creek Brewing LLC has eyes on former Long Grove art gallery for new brewery (Daily Herald)
· 42. Waukegan hires Maryland artist to create sculpture honoring science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury (Daily Herald)
· 43. Panera Bread to replace Pizza Hut location in Mundelein (Daily Herald)
· 44. Barrington motorcyclist killed in southern Wisconsin after trying to pass a truck in a no-passing zone (Daily Herald)
· 45. Arlington Heights considering hiking stormwater fee to pay for $40 million sewer project designed to alleviate flooding issues (Daily Herald)
· 46. Lake Zurich High School to have lacrosse team this coming school year ahead of state sanctioning in 2018 (Daily Herald)
· 47. Switzerland, San Francisco investment firms to jointly buy Rolling Meadows office building leased mainly to Capital One Financial (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 48. Des Plaines dentist settles lawsuit for $675,000 after dropping sharp object down Hoffman Estates man's throat during root-canal procedure (CBS 2)
· 49. Arlington Heights man charged with shooting his wife to death while she held the couple's 1-year-old baby (CBS 2)
· 50. Chicago man arrested, charged with residential burglary that occurred July 29 in Des Plaines (FOX 32)
· 51. Elgin Community College gets grant to help low-income, minority, first-generation immigrant students continue education (Daily Herald)
· 52. St. Charles City Council questions economic return of $526,000 payment to Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau (Daily Herald)
· 53. Hillside Fire Department responds to hazardous-materials situation along Mannheim Road (ABC 7)
· 54. WalletHub places Aurora as 103rd best city in which to flip a house (NBC 5)
· 55. Victims, families decry reinstatement of Aurora volleyball coach accused of sexual abuse of teens (ABC 7)
· 56. Windows of Naperville chiropractor's office shot out with BB guns over weekend (FOX 32)
· 57. Naperville man admits lying about not having been a member of Chinese Community Party in order to get immigration granted (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 58. New trail for Hidden Lake Forest Preserve near Downers Grove tied to improvements at Route 53 and Butterfield Road (Daily Herald)
· 59. Ikea, Samsung leasing industrial space at CenterPoint Intermodal Center near Joliet/Elwood (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 60. Alsip settles sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by former village treasurer against mayor for $120,000 (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 61. Bolingbrook police: Teen allegedly shot to death by Chicago police was driving a car stolen from Bolingbrook (Chicago Tribune)
· 62. Federal prosecutors subpoena Lincoln-Way High School District 210's e-mails involving ex-superintendent, certain board members (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 63. Four people arrested after home invasion and armed robbery in Matteson turns into barricade situation (NBC 5)
· 64. Police: One person in custody after Lansing woman beaten to death in domestic dispute (Chicago Tribune)
· 65. New Portage High School coach has shorter commute from Valparaiso than to his previous jobs (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 66. St. John Town Council removes member of Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals based on his registration as Democrat and his voting as Republican (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 67. Gary resident claims she was kicked out of Family Dollar store because of her Muslim clothing (ABC 7)
· 68. Crown Point to focus on getting new police station; new City Hall put on back burner (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 69. Merrillville-based Polycon Industries to hire 100 new employees after $15 million expansion is complete (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 70. Crown Point man convicted of illegally voting in Hebron after 2012 move (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 71. Municipalities' social-media policies place controls on public discussions (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 72. With 594 reported deaths, Illinois on pace to have more than 1,000 traffic fatalities in 2016 (WBBM AM 780)
· 73. Evanston residents, cyclists at odds over narrowing of streets with the addition of bike lanes (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 74. Speechwriter for former GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush sworn in as Grayslake village trustee (Daily Herald)
· 75. Victim of domestic abuse, seen being beat in Antioch bar, left with questions even after the man who attacked her is in prison (CBS 2)
· 76. Chicago Bears to have public practice at Warren Township High School in Gurnee on Aug. 20 (NBC 5)
· 77. Wilmette native Charlie Tilson, new Chicago White Sox center fielders, out for season with hamstring injury (CBS 2)
· 78. Cream Bar Ice Cream Sandwiches to open shop in former Red Mango site at Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg in late August (Daily Herald)
· 79. Headstone found in Arlington Heights back yard returned to Inverness cemetery (Daily Herald)
· 80. Laser Center to build manufacturing facility in Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
· 81. Neighbors upset that Schaumburg resident gets to keep 30-foot trailer in driveway; village says there's no ordinance prohibiting it (CBS 2)
· 82. Schaumburg look for shirtless man wants in connection with business burglary who may also have been responsible for another burglary in Elk Grove Village (FOX 32)
· 83. Black family from Mount Prospect wins lawsuit against white neighbor over racially-motivated harassment (Chicago Tribune)
· 84. Carpentersville Walmart refunds tax overcharges during first 11 days of store's operation (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 85. Owner of Rolling Meadows Walmart indicted on charges of bank fraud related to a mortgage scam run while he operated an Elmhurst mortgage company (Daily Herald)
· 86. Elgin Area Unit School District U-46, Geneva Unit School District 302 sign deal allowing joint swimming, diving teams at South Elgin High (Daily Herald)
· 87. Hanover Park Village Board appoints deputy police chief to top-cop post (Daily Herald)
· 88. USPS semi strikes SUV on Route 83 in Elmhurst, hospitalizing two people (Chicago Tribune)
· 89. Naperville police looking for man, naked except for a baseball cap, who got out of an SUV in front of a 15-year-old girl near the Prairie Path (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 90. Hispanic man sought in robbery of Elmwood Park bank (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 91. St. Charles-based Pheasant Run Resort abandons plans for houses, intends to build stores on property following fight with DuPage Airport Authority (Daily Herald)
· 92. Subsidiary of Toronto-based insurance company buys Oak Park apartment building for about $68 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 93. Aurora man charged with murder in shooting at Latin American Club (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 94. Woman files lawsuit against driver, driver's employer over July 16 crash that killed both her parents on I-290 near Elmhurst (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 95. Naperville man arrested after his mother reports finding items stolen during recent vehicle burglaries (Daily Herald)
· 96. Graue Mill in Oak Brook reopens for the season (Daily Herald)
· 97. Man struck and killed by freight train in Blue Island (Chicago Tribune)
· 98. Evergreen Park man sentenced to 3 years in prison for reckless homicide after he struck and killed a German tourist in Chicago (CBS 2)
· 99. 50-year-old Oswego man charged with felony stalking of Naperville teen (Daily Herald)
· 100. Grandfather dies after he and grandson pulled from pool in Lansing (CBS 2)
· 101. Man pleads guilty to two counts of aggravated DUI in crash that killed two parents, injured three children; sentenced to 15 years in prison (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 102. Group looks to build multi-agency training facility similar to Glenview, Ill.-based Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Academy in Valparaiso (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 103. Indiana Department of Natural Resources releases $1.3 million in funds to improve lakes and streams throughout state, including Lake Michigan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 104. Michigan City Common Council approves $5,000 annual scholarships for high school graduates funded by casino revenues (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 105. Lake Station man in prison for dealing drugs is among 214 people whose sentences were commuted Wednesday by President Barack Obama (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 106. LaPorte County Board decides to enforce 12-ton truck-weight limit on roads connected to sand-pit site that commissioners previously gave permission to operate (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 107. Taxpayers in 70 school districts footing bill for $4 million to send more than 3,000 teachers back to college (Daily Herald)
· 108. Illinois sets first-ever hunting/trapping regulations for bobcats, but northeastern Illinois is off limits (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 109. Smithsonian's National Museum hopes skeleton of Glenview scientist who died 150 years ago will reveal his cause of death (Chicago Tribune)
· 110. Man shot in both legs during attempted robbery in Skokie; suspects at large (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 111. American lotuses return to bloom in Chain O' Lakes (Daily Herald)
· 112. Riverside police catch abused dog after resident reports animal outside their gate (CBS 2)
· 113. Man settles lawsuit alleging Fox Lake Police harassed him in Gliniewicz case (Chicago Tribune)
· 114. Light the Lamp Brewery in Grayslake plans expansion, move to 100-year-old building (Daily Herald)
· 115. Park Ridge Public Library considers allowing Maine Township High School District 207 teachers to get library cards, even if they don't live in the city (Daily Herald)
· 116. Hanover Park Runners group hopes to encourage community to run every week (Daily Herald)
· 117. Cook County judge appoints Kane County State's Attorney as special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald murder case (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 118. Kane County State's Attorney working to implement decriminalization of marijuana possession (Daily Herald)
· 119. Burr Ridge lake mysteriously drains in hours, leaving residents angry and confused (ABC 7)
· 120. Former Wheaton College student sentenced to 6 months in jail for secretly videotaping female students inside college-owner apartment building (ABC 7)
· 121. 19-year-old Auroran cited for driving while drugged in fatal Oct. 2015 crash on I-88 near Downers Grove (FOX 32)
· 122. Plainfield man charged with inappropriate contact with a child at Hinsdale Oasis (FOX 32)
· 123. Lombard Village Board considers raising restaurant tax, eliminate taxi-subsidy program to fill estimated $1.6 million budget deficit (Daily Herald)
· 124. Naperville collects 128 designs for new city flag; winner to be announced Nov. 4 at TEDx Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 125. Elmhurst couple jailed for wife's alleged sexual assault of a minor, husband's attempt to dissuade or bribe victim out of testifying (Daily Herald)
· 126. Authorities search for boyfriend of woman shot to death in Country Club Hills (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 127. Jailed ex-Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson sues village to get police pension back (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 128. Gear from Romeoville-based Isovac Products in place for use during Rio de Janeiro Olympics (Chicago Tribune)
· 129. Harvey man charged with murder in infant's shaking death three years ago (Chicago Tribune)
· 130. Man who assaulted Lake County, Ind., police officers near Shelby, Ind., facing extradition to Illinois to face charge of murdering Lansing woman (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 131. Gary Dollar Express issues apology after clerk kicked Muslim woman out of store for wearing hijab and niqab (ABC 7)
· 132. Crown Point Little League team to compete in Cal Ripkin Majo60 World Series on Aug. 13 in Florida (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 133. Indiana Court of Appeals rules that police must get warrant to obtain cell-phone location data (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 134. Illinois Department of Public Health reports 46 cases of Zika virus in state; eight are pregnant women (CBS 2)
· 135. Boston-based Drizly to expand alcohol-delivery platform to Arlington Heights, Barrington, Crystal Lake and Norridge (Chicago Tribune)
· 136. Victims of fiery crash on I-80 near Ottawa include man from Warrenville, couple from Highland, Ind. (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 137. Lincolnwood gun shop/shooting range gets permit to open under court order (Chicago Tribune)
· 138. Virtual-reality roller coaster 'Demon' scheduled to debut Aug. 13 at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee (NBC 5)
· 139. Deerfield couple, son to appear in court on charges related to domestic incident that injured three police officers (Chicago Tribune/Deerfield Review)
· 140. Lincolnshire working with Stevenson High School graduate on new village logo, municipal-marketing project (Daily Herald)
· 141. Longtime Maine Township trustee takes over for retired township highway commissioner (Daily Herald)
· 142. Man sues Palatine pet daycare facility for allegedly losing his dog (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 143. Schaumburg man who challenged village's treehouse ordinance removes structure, tree to get $100 fine dismissed (Daily Herald)
· 144. Commuters will be able to pay via mobile app at Fox River Grove Metra lot beginning Aug. 15 (Daily Herald)
· 145. Work on Arlington Heights' north parking garage completed (Daily Herald)
· 146. Illinois Attorney General investigating whether Aurora Public Library Board illegally discussed budget cuts, reduction in operating hours, layoffs in closed session (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 147. Motorcyclist killed in crash on Randall Road in Batavia (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 148. Rosemont hotel evacuated after fire breaks out; firefighters find 'suspicious materials' inside room where blaze broke out (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 149. York High School cross-country coach Joe Newton to retire at end of 2016-17 school year (Daily Herald)
· 150. Naperville police arrest four people during reverse-prostitution sting (FOX 32)
· 151. Glendale Heights couple found dead in home, likely of carbon-monoxide poisoning (FOX 32)
· 152. Kane County Health Department reports 3 cases of Zika virus from travel (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 153. Downers Grove village attorney: Sandack's resignation from Legislature had nothing to due with his role at state representative (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 154. Patients at Palos Heights-based Palos Community Hospital relocated after construction workers let bat inside (ABC 7)
· 155. Monee mayor charged with aggravated battery for punching ump during July game (NBC 5)
· 156. Jury convicts Portage teen in 2014 shooting death of Portage man (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 157. Pure Cravings Paleo Meals offers prepackaged meals out of Crown Point (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 158. Former Merrillville Dollar Tree manager accused of robbing former employer with help of two Gary men (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 159. Illinois governor signs bill into law allowing 17-year-olds who turn 18 before the general election to vote in primaries (ABC 7)
· 160. Deer Park considers applying for grant to renovate, beautify D'Angelo Park (Daily Herald)
· 161. McHenry man turns himself in after sheriff's police raid his house, find heroin and scales (FOX 32)
· 162. Child struck by van while walking between O'Hare International Airport Terminal 1 and Hilton Hotel (ABC 7)
· 163. Judge dismisses felony official misconduct charges against former McHenry County coroner, whose office didn't bury two dead babies (Chicago Tribune)
· 164. Chicago man killed in forklift accident at Des Plaines warehouse (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 165. Campton Hills looking to temp agency to fill village administrator's post (Daily Herald)
· 166. DuPage County Board ponders spending $282,000 on lobbyists in Springfield (Daily Herald)
· 167. Make-A-Wish Foundation gives Oak Park teen, who underwent three heart surgeries as an infant, a trip to Rio de Janeiro Olympics (NBC 5)
· 168. Lansing-based Sunnybrook Elementary School District 171 sees only half the expected number of kindergartners enrolled as predicted (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 169. Hammond woman killed by gun that discharged inside the car she was riding in (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 170. Valparaiso looking to buy Moose Lodge property, to build civic center there (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 171. Bureau of Motor Vehicles asks Indiana residents to vote for new license-plate design before Sept. 5 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 172. Three local residents hope to establish hockey rink in Hobart (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 173. Suburbs turn attention to dead, dying trees on private properties, threatening or imposing fines to get homeowners to get rid of them (Chicago Tribune)
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Mass. ballot questions for Nov. 2016: Charter schools, marijuana, farm animal cruelty, and 2nd slot parlor

BOSTON – Massachusetts voters will see four questions on their ballot when they head inside the polling booth in November.
Bill Galvin, the state's elections chief, assigned numbers to the ballot questions on Monday.
Here they are:
QUESTION 1. Expanding slot machine gaming. A "yes" vote would allow a second slots parlor to exist in Massachusetts. The 2011 gambling law currently allows for up to three resort casinos and one slots parlor. The slots parlor license is owned by Penn National Gaming, which operates Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville.
The Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday rejected an attempt to block a ballot question that would allow a second slots parlor in Massachusetts.
QUESTION 2. Charter school expansion. The question, if approved, would let state education officials approve up to 12 new charter schools a year.
Charter school advocates are pushing for a ballot initiative that would expand the number of charter schools allowed in Massachusetts by up to 12 per year, even in districts like Springfield that are currently bumping up against a state cap.
QUESTION 3. Conditions for farm animals. This question, if approved, would phase out what advocates say are "extreme" methods of farm animal confinement.
The SJC allowed a ballot question to go forward that would ban the sale of meat or eggs from confined animals in Massachusetts and would ban the confinement of animals at Massachusetts farms.
QUESTION 4. Legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana. If voters say "yes," Massachusetts will join Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington state and District of Columbia in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
The Supreme Judicial Court said in an opinion Wednesday that a proposed ballot question legalizing marijuana can proceed to the November 2016 ballot. A group of 57 voters argued in a lawsuit that the court should knock down the question pushed by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.
The groups pushing the proposals filed the last round of signatures last week. They were required to file 10,792 in the final round of signatures in order to make it onto the ballot.
"Secretary Galvin assigned the numbers to the ballot questions based on the length of the questions and spacing on the ballots that are printed in multiple languages," Galvin's office said in a release.
Galvin's office will soon send out, through the mail, an "Information for Voters" booklet, providing a more detailed breakdown of the ballot questions.
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Trivia time

Post your favorite trivia questions. Answers
-What is the name of Barney's movie? Pukahontas
-What is Maggie's first word? Daddy, and "This is indeed a disturbing universe"
-Why was Shelbyville founded? To marry their cousins
-Who was the true owner of Springfield's power plant? Canary M. Burns
-What graveyard was Homer supposedly buried in? While looking for his mother's grave he finds Walt Whitman's. Walt was buried Harleigh Cemetery in Camden NJ. I suppose that was more of a google one.
-What is the date of Lisa's wedding? August 1st, 2010
-What is the Simpson's new address in Cypress Creek? 15201 Maple Systems Road
-What animal does Mr. Burns turn into on Dr. Hibbert's island? A fox
-How many puppies does Santa's Little Helper and his girlfriend have? 25
-What is the name of Bleeding Gums Muphy's only album? Sax on the beach
-What is Homer's Stonecutter number? 908
-What are Springfield's 2 area codes? 919 and 616
Now, I know we could all google these things, but that wouldn't be any fun. I'll think of more later.
EDIT: More!
-What is the name of the Hurricane that hits Springfield? Hurricane Barbra
-What does homer trade for use of a cherry picker? Balloons
-Who are Bart's 2 mortal enemies? Dr. Dimento and Robert Terwillinger
-What are the "2 sweetest words in the English language"? "De" "Fault"
-What is Smithers allergic to? Bee stings
-What are Power Sauce bars made of? Apple cores and chinese newspapers
-What was the name of Lisa's cat who wasn't one of the Snowballs? Coltrane
-What clues did Marge use to find homer while he was at the Lighthouse? He think's public transportation is for losers, The town slopes westwardly downhill, and he likes blinking lights similar to the one on the waffle machine and the don't walk guy.
-What does Herb invent to get him off his feet? A baby translator
-What does Homer sell to ensure a spot in Heaven? Halo glow sticks
-What does Milhouse get from trading Bart's soul? Alf pogs
-What is Bart's blood type? Double O negative
-What country joins together to say Happy Birthday to Mr. Burns? Australia
-What convention was the weekend after Homer's proposed apocalypse? The lettuce festival
-What artist do the boys stop to see on their road trip? Andy Williams
-Where does Homer hide his gun? The vegetable crisper
-How long does it take to re-supply Springfield with booze after the prohibition? four minutes
-What is Krusty's false identity after he "dies"? Rory B. Bellows
-What song has an excellent recipe for lentil soup in it? Maybe, I'm amazed
-What name does Bart use when writing love letters to Edna Krabapple? Woodrow
-What fruits were raced on the School bus? Banna grapefruit apple and an orange
-What do the french men put in their wine? (First season) Antifreeze
-Who admits that he is "the worst president ever". Bill Clinton
-Name all of the people in Grandpa's army unit. Sheldon Skinner, Arny Skinner, Commander Nedward Flanders, Asa, Ox, Etch, Griff, Mr. Burns, Maverick, Money, Rage, Kix, Joker, and Hoodie. -- I had to look all of the names up and apparently there are a couple more.
-What is the final concluded theory the children agree upon when all of the grown ups disappear into their rooms during the nights? The Rand corporation in conjunction with the saucer people under the supervision of the reverse vampires.
-What video game does Bart attempt to steal? Bonestorm
-How does Grandpa know who the Cat Burglar is? His sneakers, vertical walk and having the world's largest cubic zirconium.
-"Hey Bart, your ________ is showing!" Epidermis
-What is the name of of the water-park that Krusty advertises on his show? Mount Splashmore
-What percentage of the Springfield newspaper is made of recycled material? 0%
-What is principal Skinner's real name? Armin Tamzerian (Though I guess technically Seymour Skinner)
-How big did Bart's comet actually come out to be? The size of a Chihuahua's head
-What does Lisa bring to her first Mensa meeting? Pie, not a quiche
-What item causes Homer to travel back in time? The toaster he "fixed"
-What name does Homer suggest Marge call her pretzels after the baseball game fiasco? Whitey Wackers
-How does Lisa convince Homer to let her go on the city bus? She say's that she could take a limousine, but it would be much more expensive than the city bus.
-What is Mr. Burns' original first name? His actual parents call him "Happy"
-What is the name of Homer's prescription hair loss formula? Demoxinil
-What is Side Show Bob's brother's name? Cicl
-What is inscribed on Lisa's saxophone? "Dear Lisa: May Your New Saxophone Bring You Years Of... D'oh!"
-What was Homer's dream job which was interrupted by Marge's pregnancy with Maggie? A pin monkey
-What is the name of Homer's pet monkey? Mojo
-What are the 2 pseudonym's Homer uses in his autodialer scheme? Happy dude and Sorry dude
-What is Selma's full last name? Selma Bouvier-Terwilliger-Hutz-McClure-Stu-Simpson-D'Amico
-What marine animal does Moe have locked in his back room? An orca
-What is the name of Mr. Burns' casino? The Monty Burn's Casino
-What is the name of Patty and Selma's iguana? Jub-Jub
-What is the name of the Sci-fi convention Mark Hamil stars in? Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con
-What is Homer's weight and how many pounds does it take for him to be on disability? 239 lbs and needs to gain 61 to become 300 lbs
-What was Bart's punishment for calling Australia?An apology and a swift kick to the bum
-What is Homer's mother's name? Mona
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Missouri Repugnicans: Creating One Self-Inflicted Crisis after another in this state, just so we can become like Kansas

What up, my Missouri peeps. I am Vector Calculus. And I know what's up in this state. I used to be a conservative, until I realized how good the Republican party was at handling crisises (No armor for OUR troops. Katrina response. Picking presidential candidates and their running mates.)
Let's face it, the conservative movement in this country ate a big bowl of stupid for breakfast, and they're now asking for 43rds.
On the state level, it isn't any better.
As our state legislature tries to play out the clock with the time left in this years General Assembly, hundreds of Missourians have no place to work at. There are companies in this state that are hiring, just not locally. It's not just a problem in our state, but nation wide. I don't recall how many times I've punched into Indeed.com for a job at one of those new data centers in St. Louis and explicitly set the email reminders on the websites I was using to only give me companies in the St. Louis area because I really can not afford to move anywhere else, only to get daily e-mail offers for jobs that aren't relevant to the content on my resume, in places like New Jersey and Michigan.
Let me re-iterate that. I cannot afford to move elsewhere and I know of the new data centers that are hiring in St. Louis but they are not interested in hiring people from missouri.
What the hell did they move to our state for? The weather?
Surely our state's Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation can see what's going on here. Unless of course, they don't have enough money allocated in the state budget to look into it.
DED has tried setting up a job website several times in the past decade. All of them flopped because none of these new Missouri businesses would consider spreading the word about their company. Not with DED, not with private websites like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, or even Craigslist (where in both St. Louis and Kansas City, posting job offers is FREE). Even if they had their own website for job listings, I guess it is just too hard for them to spread the word to local jobseekers as it is with generic jobs like CDL companies and Nurse Staffing Firms. I signed up with Manpower and a couple of other temp agencies, and God forbid they call me up.
But why isn't any of that happening? The truth is, they think they can make more money by creating this stupid ass "China Hub"/"Cargo City" at the cost of the tax payers, even going as far as to attempt to pay for it by making North St. Louis County residents who were hit by a tornado in the Spring of 2011 take a cut in storm relief. It didn't happen, thankfully. Partially because one of the Chinese representatives discovered someone from Taiwan would also be using it. The PRC and the ROC governments aren't exactly simpatico. So you can imaging how that collapsed just because of one company.
Needless to say, this is one of the many "zombie issues" that just won't stay dead at the GA, as it has come back again on the table.
So while our state government waists their time trying to impress the incredibly fickle Chinese government, the DED sees the number of job placement offices get sacked. Let's face it. This site isn't exactly the best place to look for a job considering their are only about 25,000 records in the system. Using Indeed, you could find 100 times that assuming it didn't re-post the same records every day.
Next up on my list of greivances: the Missouri Department of Public Saftey. Home of Missouri State Highway Patrol.
Missouri is one of the few states in this country that is the butt of a lot of meth jokes. And while MSHP is doing it's best to fight off the influx of drugs and meth making operations in this state, our state legislature continues to find ways to trip up our Smokeys. Namely in this legislature, the Highway Patrol found itself in the crosshairs of austerity, accusing the highway patrol of having too much power. To be honest, it wasn't until a tornado hit my granparents neighborhood that I finally saw a MSHP car in about two years. This crazy nonsense that MSHP is incahoots with "the liberal federal government" is preposterous. The ban on drone aircraft in this state doesn't help MSHP use drones to detect ammonia anomalies in rural Missouri where meth cooks could be hiding. It also doesn't help the Missouri Department of Natural Resources monitor landfill emissions or superfund sites in our state with the help of the EPA because "The EPA is an evil conspiracy". (Fun fact: The EPA was established in 1970 by President Richard Milhouse Nixon, a republican. He's also responsible for establishing Amtrak which saved the passenger rail industry. It's a shame it doesn't stop in Springfield, Missouri. Making part of the Missori Pacific Rail Road could have saved a lot of towns along I-44/Route 66 from falling into disrepair and poverty.)
It's funny how our state republicans want to be champions in the "War Against Drugs", when they sabatoge themselves by letting the cartels and the dealers freely pass through this state more easily thanks to their disinvestment in new technologies.
The drone ban also doesn't help the American economy as many of the anti-drone bills are written to prohibit the manufacturing of unmanned aircraft, and thusly the people who want to buy them have to get them from foreign manufacturers. Way to support the state economy, guys.
Meanwhile, several law enforcement agencies in this state, including the State Highway Patrol, have been HACKED in the past decade. Again, disinvestment in technology has made our state more vulerable to identity theif or the public display of confidential information.
Yet, when comparing the recent self-created crisis with the Department of Revenue recording gun ownership information, these more serious problems are treated as secondary issues.
BTW, DOR was also hacked last decade. Some one got a list of personal information files in 2005. Again, treated as if it was no big deal. But hey, when your elected officials pick a private contractor to record license information for the state tax code, and then make it so that you don't do a background check on the company you hired that is doing background checks on folks who own guns and the MANY MORE WHO DON'T OWN GUNS, and then try to blame Governor Nixon for the problem you recreated back when Matt Blunt and Ed Martin didn't think deleting e-mail records was such a big deal, AND THEN want to say that you are doing what you can to protect JUST THE GUN OWNERS instead of EVERYBODY who had their ID sold NOT JUST TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT after a recent school massacre but to marketing groups and hacker well before there was a NewTown or a Virginal Tech for that matter, YOU DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT EVERYBODY! Just the few constituents you have, who go to your church, who pay you money, who BUY YOU LUNCH IN EXCHANGE FOR A VOTE!
It's quite funny how the last time I was in Jefferson City I had to brown bag my own lunch while pushing for the public appeal to help folks with head injuries, while two doors down from the conference room I was eating lunch in was the basement cafeteria with a stack of Krispe Kream and Jimmy Johns boxes that some lobbying group gave them. So tell me how our state isn't corrupted by folks who stand to profit well enough to hire their own lobbying firm and give them lunches, breakfasts, baseball tickets, and other kickbacks.
The real reason drones are now banned in this state isn't the invasion of privacy upon everyday people or to just help drug trafficking and ban the EPA. But to allow Corporate Agricultural Farming Operations to dump MILLIONS OF GALLONS of animal excrement, animal entrails, chemical laced farm wastes into streams and rivers. And they will obstruct the more benevolent uses of drones just so that they can continue to break the law, pollute the water downstream, and poison anyone who comes in contact with this water.
Yes, IN CONTACT. The Mallenkrot Corporation did it for years in North St. Louis County by dumping radioactive materials into Coldwater Creek. There are many people in North St. Louis County, especially in Florissant, who have come down with many forms of cancer, lupus, birth defects, even died, because they didn't know the creek had been contaminated. But the Department of Natural Resources can't do a whole lot of to monitor the area or to get the EPA or the US Army Corps of Engineers to transport the remains of these cold war byproducts buried in a local landfill from leaking into the groundwater and eventually the water supply. For some reason, they state doesn't have the money. Especially now that you have Monsanto doing most of the poisoning these days through genetically modified crops and agri-chemicals that damage the environment and make people sick while making a windfall doing it.
But the GA is OK with the Big M giving everyone the Big C so as long as they get paid.
Ditto for Ameren, who thank to building the state's only nuclear power plant (which fortunately has been build on a hill about a mile from the river unlike many of the other nuclear plants upstream on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers which have been threatened with flooding and possible nuclear contamination of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers). While Union Electric had the forsight to no build something so hazardous so close to our state's most precious natural resource, the folks at Ameren aren't so bright. The Calloway Plant in Fulton provides Jefferson City and much of mid-Missouri with power. Ameren give it to the state for gratis, so as long as they get what they want.
But when Prop C passed in 2007, encouraging the state to pursue more solar and wind alternatives, Ameren, now six years on, has been fighting tooth and nail to gut this voter approved proposal. The Carnahan family has a wind farm in Northwest Missouri. But thanks to our state repugnicans, not of that power is used IN MISSOURI. Meanwhile, Iowa, Nebraska, and even their favorite state Kansas, have returned a profit on wind energy production. But Missouri is prohibited from having that. Which makes it a perfect target for Karl Rove to assault the Carnahans come election time.
Never mind that Missourians WANT renewable energy, and that many more of them aren't as stupid as the Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association think we are. (Isn't that just great! Everything that is bad for you and the environment, conveniently packaged into one lobbying group: The boycott of both renewable energy and cigarette taxes. It's like Philip Morris and the lady from the American Petroleum Institute ads had a baby and this was their love child.) As if calling oil, natural gas, "clean coal", nuclear power, and the KXL project are "green alternatives". (They are called "alternatives" because you get to pick from the list of power source that THEY provide because they've made a fortune off of it.) But that doesn't stop the disinformation, or the fact that they can will control in the GA.
They also don't seem to be big fans of Mass Transit. Despite the photo-ops of your congressman pumping a bus full of CNG, they're never there to keep the mass transit system funded. Especially not the parts that don't stop at the baseball stadium, or the luxourious TAX PAYER FUNDED football team that let go of their most valuable player.
But hey, the schools aren't doing as well as that casino that promised to help the schools. They want to put a Blues Museum in the city (which I always though Memphis was the birthplace of the Blues), and all the people who need mass transit for other than being a fun way to the baseball game still have to wait 45 minutes for their other bus that if the two buses weren't diverted to the train station, would have only been a 15 minute bus ride rather than a 90 minute road trip.
So hazaa to our general assembly for doing their best to make Missouri more like Kansas, ignoring those in need, for being there at the ribbon cutting and the tax breaks but not at the career fair or unemployment line, for putting their own self interests first, and everybody else second.
I hope you all get KICKED OUT come next election and that NO ONE from your party runs to keep up your circlejerk ceremonies.
"All animals are equal--except some are more equal than others." --from Animal Farm by Geroge Orwell
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www.springfield-ma.gov Springfield Phase II Casino Proposals Please note Section 9(b) of the Massachusetts gaming act allows casino proposers to withhold from public disclosure "trade secrets, competitively-sensitive or other proprietary information provided in the course of an application for a gaming license under this chapter, the disclosure of which would place the applicant at a competitive disadvantage" Based ... Springfield Casino Proposals place on this site. Laws pertaining to online gambling vary between countries and states. It is your own responsibility to determine if gambling online from your current location is legal. Playing casino games involves risk and should be considered a fun, recreational activity, not a way to earn an income. Please ... Gallery: A look at casino proposals for Western Massachusetts MGM’s proposal calls for a mixed use including restaurants, retail and a casino below State Street in Springfield’s South End Springfield Ma Casino Proposals, download texas poker deluxe, casinos in kansas city, portugal poker tournament. Ancient Dragon. Live Lightning Roulette 98.01%. Online Table Games at JackpotCity Casino . What are the most popular Online Slots games? Play now Info. 350 k. Join the hunt for bonus spins by becoming part of the CasinoUniverse program. This way, you can manage your gaming account ... SPRINGFIELD — With the deadline for Springfield casino proposals now past, the city's chief development officer said Friday the city is fortunate to have three top-caliber companies competing ... New Players from UK&IRL only. Min buy-in €20. Bonus wagering 35x on eligible games. Spins available day after bonus Springfield Ma Casino Proposals is lost/redeemed, 10 per day for 10 days, no wagering. Full T&Cs apply. Springfield Ma Casino Proposals, o que poker face, is gambling banned in china, slot nhl. Crazy Money. PROS. Large variety of games; Huge welcome bonus; Free games; 97.00%. It depends on you taste. Secondly, pay attention to the reviews from other players and the overall rating of the game. 500 k . Search Featured Slots Jackpots Live Casino Table Games All Games. Play now Read Review. Featured ... Springfield Casino Proposals, boardwalk casino slot machine lists, ako sa hraje texas holdem poker, chances of losing blackjack hands in a row. Wager. $5 Free (use code UPTOWN5FREE) Percentage. Payout Visit Casino T&C's Apply. 0. 96.9% 30x. 24/7 Live Support; Fast Withdrawal ; Great Casino Games; Belarus. Bonus . February 8, 2019. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. Read our full review. View ... Welcome to our guide to Springfield Ma Casino Proposals the best Australian online casinos.If you are an Aussie visitor, you have come to Springfield Ma Casino Proposals the right place. We strive to provide the best resources to all our visitors. There Springfield Ma Casino Proposals is reason behind our shortlist and Australian online casino reviews, so read on to find out why these are the ...

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This is a Choctaw Session of Mr. Money Bags that produced Nine Jackpots. It had some of the best Bingo Patterns such as Four Leaf Clover and The Kite and som... I like to play slot machines at the casino. From Top Dollar, to Lightning Link, to Huff N' Puff, to Black Widow, to Dragon Link, and hundreds more, I play ONLY high limit slots, with bets ranging ... accidental $30 max bet pays off my biggest jackpot on mighty cash outback bucks high limit slot machine @ las vegas cosmopolitan casino and resort. thanks fo... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We are so excited to reach 4000 subscribers in just over 2 months on YouTube! Here is a special video as a Thank You. It includes one of our best sessions on... ★SUPER QUICK HIT! HUGE BIG WIN!★ $5.00 MAX BET PLAYBOY MIDNIGHT DIAMONDS & SUNSET SAPPHIRES Slot Machine (SG). My best win to date on SUPER QUICK HIT. These ... New CT casino proposal could create competition for MGM Springfield ... Take a first look inside the $960 million MGM Springfield casino and hotel - Duration: 2:37. MassLive 43,011 views. 2:37 ... Upswing Poker Courses - use promo code "bradowen" for $25 off all purchases over $99: Poker Lab: https://hf322.isrefer.com/go/tpl/bo/ PLO Lab: https://hf322.... On Friday Feb 9th 2018 Crystal was invited to a girls night out,, expecting to end the evening watching Wonder Woman with them.Little did she know this was a...